Payments, Promotions and e-Gift vouchers

How does my gift card work? How can I spend it?

Our gift cards can be purchased here, through our gift card page.

Choose a design, choose the amount, and then personalise it with a message! Once purchased you, or the intended recipient, will be sent a unique gift card code. Enter this at the checkout page to use your gift card against your next order.


Is my gift card an e-card or sent to me in the post?

Our gift cards are currently only e-Cards, which can be received for yourself or sent as a gift straight to the recipient’s email!


Can I delay dispatch of my gift card?

If you’re planning to purchase a gift card for a specific date, you can select the ‘Postpone Delivery’ option when purchasing your gift card to ensure it arrives exactly when you want it to!


How long is my card valid for?

All our gift cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


Do you keep payment details on file?

We don't store your details here, they are passed to our secure payment provider and will only be referred to by a unique identity code when you make an order.


When is the money taken for my pre-orders?

All pre-orders will have their payment taken at the point of ordering. In the event that the price of a pre-order decreases between the date of purchase and the release date, this difference will be refunded to your account in the form of Victory Points for use on our website.


What payment options are available?

You can pay using a Secure Debit/Credit Card, or alternatively you can pay using PayPal.