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News: My City Roll And Write

My City
My City

We built this city on dice and rolls………okay so my singing and lyric mashing aren’t great. But this little box of rolly-writey goodness from KOSMOS games promises to be!

IN 2020, KOSMOS brought out My City – a brilliant have-your-cake-and eat it legacy game that combined surprise content with a forever replayable experience. One side of the board develops over a series of chapters (including the use of indelible pens!), and the other is an eternal game to play and replay at your leisure.

Skip forward and they are bringing the epic Reina Knizia polyomino puzzliness and legacy experience of My City to you via the medium of…drum roll please…..…..roll and write! Go on, admit it. You thought I was going to say interpretive dance, am I right?? Haha

With the English language version imminent, this looks like it is going to be brilliant. A shorter 4-chapter campaign, each broken down into 3 episodes giving 12 individual games. 12 games where new and unique things happen! And with a player count of 1 – 6 players, your polyomino-playing pals can join you for the shorter ride in this one! Or you can play through the campaign solo (which I am also absolutely going to do as soon as I get my hands on the little blue box of precious puzzly polyomino play!)

Now, this game wouldn’t be a roll and write without dice. And, throughout the game, the 3 customised D6 combine to give you the shape and building type to draw on your sheet. The general rules of My City apply throughout; rocks – bad, empty spaces-bad, trees-good, and of course the river that shalt not be built over! But then each Chapter introduces new scoring tweaks and mechanics that I can’t describe here because that would seriously surprise SPOILER territory!

As roll and write addicts, and having fallen head over trees for the original My City concept, this is a must have for us. If you like polyomino puzzles, roll and writes, or just games that surprise you, then keep your eyes out for this one!