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NEWS: Call Of Duty The Board Game

call of duty the board game
call of duty the board game

Are you a Tactician? Sharpshooter? Strategist? No matter what role you play, you’re bound to find your calling in this striking tabletop homage to the activision classic. That’s right, Call of Duty The Board Game has been proudly announced by Arcane Wonders.

Having published well known games such as Furnace and Air, Land, and Sea; Arcane Wonders hopes to unite video gamers and tabletop gamers with one of the most well known titles on the scene.

The base game is designed for 2 players, however, two copies of the base game can be combined to create a competitive 4 player match. It aims to capture the experience of fire person shooters in a board game, which many designers have attempted in the past, but to no avail.

Call of Duty The Board Game will feature 35mm miniatures, but is not designed to be a miniatures game at heart. Instead, move and actions are planned at the start of the turn in secret, before players reveal their intent and carry out the actions simultaneously. In addition the use of dice will also feature in the game, but in depth gameplay details have not yet been revealed.

Avid fans of the call of duty series will be excited to know that the board game will feature authentic fan favourite maps such as Shoothouse and Stand off. What’s more, well known characters in the franchise such as Captain Price and Ghost Riley will also be available as playable characters.

It’s expected that many more maps, characters and miniatures will be revealed once the Kickstarter Campaign goes live, but until then, we can only speculate that Nuketown will make an appearance at some point in the campaign. Lucilky, there’s not long to wait until the Kickstarter campaign goes live in Fall this year. From there, Arcane Wonders hope to have the game in retail by the end of 2024.

So, are you excited for Call of Duty The Board Game? Will you be jumping on the list of backers when the campaign goes live? What maps, weapons and characters are you hoping to see? You can let us know the answers to all of these questions by using the tag @zatugames on any social media.