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How To Play Last One Alive

How to play last one alive

The zombies are here,Can you survive?Do what you can,Be the Last One Alive!

In The Last One Alive you're just one survivor left in a group of many, using barricades and any items you can get your hands on in order to try to drive back the endless horde. They'll never stop, so get into some fast and fun dice chucking and make sure they kill the others rather than kill you.


In Last One Alive, each player takes a reference card and chooses one of the survivor cards that they like the look of. Set all the dice in a single pool in the centre between all the players, and place all the white circle tokens (items, barricades and zombies) into the token bag. Each player draws one token from the bag which they can keep as either their starting item or barricade.If you are playing with two or three players then consider using The Survivors variant listed at the end.


Whoever has most recently seen a zombie in Last One Alive will be the first player. They take a zombie die and place it in front of them with one zombie face up. On your turn take a number of black zombie dice from the pool equal to the zombie apocalypse level (beginning at 1), then pick an extra four dice of your choice from those remaining in the pool. Roll all the dice together and then apply the results in the following order:

Zombies -Any zombie rolled on the black zombie dice are placed in front of the next player to your left, and any zombie ambushes rolled on any dice are placed in front of you, joining any zombie dice that were already there.

Items - Any Item results on the white dice allow you to draw a token from the item bag and keep it face up on the item side.Shots - The red dice allow you to shoot zombies in front of you, each Bang symbol rolled allowing you to eliminate a zombie or ambush symbol on the dice in front of you, if you can eliminate all symbols on a dice then it can be returned to the main pool. Any Bang that show a plus symbol allow you to re-roll it after using the Bang for more additional Bangs, you can keep repeating this until you don't roll a plus symbol or have eliminated all your zombies.If you can eliminate three symbols in one turn using Bangs then you may take a Hero token, if able.

Barricade - Each yellow dice showing a Barricade symbol can be used to pass one dice from in front of you showing any amount of zombies to the player on your left, but cannot do anything to zombie ambushes. Any unused barricade dice can be traded in at the end of the turn, draw a token from the bag and keep it face up on the barricade side.There are several types of tokens that you may encounter during a turn in Last One Alive:Hero Tokens are represented by the Sheriff hats. These can be discarded after rolling the dice to re-roll any or all of the dice, but you must keep the new roll. You can only hold one Hero token at a time and you cannot receive another in the turn you use one.

Zombie Apocalypse tokens are in the token bag and show a zombie on both sides, if you draw one of these tokens then set it by the dice pool, another will not be drawn to replace it. The zombie apocalypse level has now increased by 1 and so you will roll an extra zombie dice at the start of each turn, up to a maximum of four. If one of these tokens is drawn during set up then this still applies, so the drawing player will not have a starting token and the zombie apocalypse level will start higher.All Item tokens are double sided with a barricade on the back, you will only use one side of the token which is decided by the dice you use to draw it or during set up. Any tokens used are returned to the box so there is not an unlimited supply. Barricade tokens work the same as the yellow dice, passing a non ambush zombie showing dice to the left before being discarded, and can be used before or after you roll the dice.

The item side can be one of 6 different items, with some having different effects depending on when you use the token:

Axe - Before rolling the dice this will let you double all Barricade results, after rolling the dice will let you re-roll a yellow barricade dice.Chainsaw - Before rolling the dice this will let you ignore and discard all zombie ambush results, after rolling will let you discard one ambush result.

Flares - Only used before rolling the dice and will let you pass half of your non-ambush showing dice to the player on your left, rounded up.

Gun - Before rolling the dice this will double all Bang results, after rolling the dice will let you re-roll one red shot dice.

Medikit - If you are about to be overpowered at the end of the turn then use this item and roll a red shot dice, if you can roll at least one Bang symbol then you are not eliminated and may discard all zombie dice in front of you.

Radio - Only used before rolling the dice and will allow you to roll two additional dice from the pool.


Once all your dice and tokens have been resolved, if there are any zombies or ambushes remaining in front of you then you have been overpowered by the zombie horde and are out of the game, turn your survivor card over onto the zombified side.
Otherwise you have survived the turn, return all dice remaining in front of you to the main pool. You may keep a maximum of three total item or barricade tokens tokens in front of you at the end of the turn, any extra must be discarded from the game.
Play will then continue with the next player to the left. Once only one player remains they are the last one alive and declared the winner.


There are a few variants included if you fancy a change from the base game, and you can feel free to mix and match them together how you wish.
Zombies, Zombies Everywhere! - Any time a player is eliminated the zombie apocalypse level is immediately increased by one, still up to a maximum of four.
Day and Night - During set up mix the Night token into the token bag. When this is drawn it is place by the dice pool next to any zombie apocalypse tokens. While it is night time it will be more dangerous, take one extra zombie dice to roll at the start of each turn in addition to the ones taken equal to the zombie apocalypse level. Mix the Day token into the item bag to replace the drawn Night token, when the Day token is drawn night time has finished and both the Day and Night tokens are discarded to the box.
The Survivors - Each survivor will have several lives while they take on the zombies. During set up each player takes two life markers and places them on the zombie face space of their survivor card. If you are overpowered you discard a life token instead of being eliminated, still discard all dice remaining in front of you and any tokens you have, and then receive a hero token if you don't currently have one. Play continues to the left as normal. The third time you are overpowered you will have no more remaining life tokens and are now eliminated from the game. This variant still has the goal of being the last survivor, but the game will also end once the third zombie apocalypse has been drawn. Each surviving player calculates their score, gaining 2 points for any remaining life tokens and 1 point for any remaining item or barricade tokens. The player with the most points wins. In the case of a tie a hero token can be used to break the tie. If more than one tied player have a hero token, or none do, then the victory will be shared.

Now you know how to be The Last One Alive.