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Sean Franks

I grew up in a house of 6 kids so board games was our turn to. Lost track as everyone grew up until my final year at university where I discovered the gaming club and sat down to Power Grid and Small World and became hooked again. Now I'm a huge gaming enthausist living in the West Midlands, where between working in a massive chocolate factory and playing American football, I love to collect, play and make videos of games, and now blog too apparently.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Ancient Terrible Things

Ancient Terrible Things Second Opinion

Sean Franks 02/11/2023

Ancient Terrible Things was released by Pleasant Company games and they describe it as a pulp horror dice game.

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Colorful Review

Sean Franks 04/10/2023

Colorful is a game about categorizing and matching colors as a group. Think of your favourite colour, now, did you REALLY think of it?

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Counter Attack

How To Play Counter Attack

Sean Franks 27/09/2023

The Classic Game Set comes everything you need to play Counter Attack – the pitch, two teams, 46 player cards, a ball, dice and rule book.

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How to play last one alive

How To Play Last One Alive

Sean Franks 08/08/2023

The zombie apocalypse has begun, will you be able to survive? Last One Alive is the fast and fun dice game for all to enjoy!

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How to play Coyote

How To Play Coyote

Sean Franks 04/08/2023

Based on the stories of the Trickster Coyote comes 'Coyote' the bluffing game where everyone has to lie, because nobody knows the truth!

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Coyote Board Game Review

Sean Franks 14/07/2023

If you fancy playing a simple bluffing game, then Coyote could be the one for you! This is a fun and exciting party game to get you started!

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last one alive

Last One Alive Review

Sean Franks 22/06/2023

It's the day we have all been dreading. The Zombie apocalypse day. It's begun. Last One Alive wins though - haha!

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counter attack

Counter Attack Review

Sean Franks 08/06/2023

Counter Attack includes everything you would need to be able to play a game of fun football! Football hooligans unite.

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