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The Castles of Burgundy Review

The Castle of Burgundy Review

Lindsay Miller 28/10/2018

The best part is the wonderful design and all of the amazing amount of stuff you can do with your two dice in The Castles of Burgundy. Find out more..

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Blood Bound News Round-Up

News Round-Up – Blood Bound announced by Fantasy Flight

Lindsay Miller 09/10/2017

In Blood Bound you will each be dealt a clan card in secret and will take your turn when the dagger token comes your way. See more in our new round-up.

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Tabletop News Round Up: Newspeak is coming to Kicksterter

Lindsay Miller 22/09/2017

This week Inside the Box Games (Sub Terra, Statecraft) announced Newspeak, which is due to hit Kickstarter in January.

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Gen Con 2017 Highlights

Lindsay Miller 08/09/2017

Lindsay summarises some of her personal board game related highlights from the four days she spent at Gen Con 2017…

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Alchemists Board Game Review

Lindsay Miller 07/09/2017

Don’t be fooled by the appearance, Alchemists is a tough one to master, and not a game for those just beginning their tabletop gaming journey.

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News Round-Up: Stuffed Fables & a new Pandemic!

Lindsay Miller 01/09/2017

Stuffed Fables from Plaid Hat Games is set to be a firm favourite for Essen this October. See this week's news round-up for more details.

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Board Game News: Fantasy Flight, Nostalgia and Re-Skins

Lindsay Miller 11/08/2017

Fantasy Flight delivered a whopper this week, announcing the release of Legacy of Dragonholt and a tabletop version of Fallout!

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Board Game News: Merlin comes to the tabletop

Lindsay Miller 04/08/2017

A brand-new Merlin board game, designed by Stefan Feld and Michael Rieneck, looks set to be demoed or released at Essen 2017.

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