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News Round-Up – Blood Bound announced by Fantasy Flight

Blood Bound News Round-Up

Tabletop news is a mixed bag this week, but whether you like vampire horror and social deduction, card games with fantastical themes or are taking your tabletop gaming to a digital format, there is something for everyone…

Blood Bound

There’s been lots of news from Fantasy Flight Games this week, from Game of Thrones expansions to more Legend of the Five Rings newness. But the one that stood was something a little bit different. Blood Bound is a game for 6-12 players, which is not so great if you prefer your games to be more intimate, but perfect for those with large gaming groups or for gatherings. So it’s no surprise that this is a social deduction game surrounding vampire lore, where players are searching to eliminate the enemy clan’s leader.

In Blood Bound you will each be dealt a clan card in secret and will take your turn when the dagger token comes your way - and you can either play or pass. The latter can keep you hidden in the shadows for longer, but attacking another player is the only way to discover more about an opponent’s identity.

Social deduction games may not be for everyone, but the cool Blade-like artwork and the accessible vampire theme may have more people swayed to giving social gaming a try. Blood Bound is currently available for pre-order through the Fantasy Flight store.

Tea Dragon Society

From the webcomic (created by Katie O’ Neill) comes a card game of the same title. Set in a fantasy world of ‘tea dragons’ the story follows Greta, a blacksmith’s apprentice. The published graphic novel is to be released later this month and the card game will follow next spring.

It is to be designed by Steve Ellis, co-designer of Railways of the World, and toy designer Tyler Tinsley. Renegade Game Studios are taking the helm publishing this one and it looks to be a perfect fit. O’Neill said of the prototype that it felt like “a dreamy afternoon in the company of Tea Dragons and everything fit the lore so perfectly”.

There isn’t any information about the gameplay itself at present but we look forward to finding out more. 

Ticket To Ride: First Journey

One for the kids now - A mobile and PC version of Alan R. Moon’s classic Ticket To Ride (ToR) in a digital condensed form that’s easy for children to digest. First Journey will include ToR’s European and US maps, and will be based on the original gameplay.

The only noticeable difference is the push-your-luck aspect; by removing the option to draw an extra route card (and lose points if unfinished) the cards are automatically replaced as they are scored. Cards are scored when completed and the first player to finish six routes is the victor.

This is a nice take on an old favourite, so whether you love or hate Ticket To Ride it’s certainly not going anywhere any time soon…The game includes solo and multi-player and is now available through Andorid, iOS and Steam! Visit the Days of Wonder website for further information.

King of Tokyo Co-Op

For those who loved the wonderful universe of monsters, aliens, robots and giant pandas, you will be excited to hear that a co-op version of King of Tokyo is on its way. This dice rolling, card-drafting game was first released in 2011, and with its cute characters and vivid artwork came simple gameplay and fast paced fun. Since its initial released we’ve seen expansions and new sets aplenty, but this promises a co-op experience pitting the monsters against the aliens.

Iello have confirmed that this is indeed happening, but no official announcement has been made. Visit the Iello website to stay updated!

Stronghold Games November Line-Up

Stronghold Games have announced their November line up, and whilst this included much excitement in the form if new ‘fable series’ from Friedman Freisse, expansions for Flamme Rouge and The Pursuit of Happiness, there was also a announcement of The Bottle Imp.

This trick-taking game was first released in 1995, and whilst we love new titles and innovations in gameplay, classic games that have stood the test of time that are just as interesting.

This game has been through several publishers and incarnations, and with classic trick taking principles this could work with any theme or artwork. In this case the Bottle Imp is a short 18th century novel by Robert Louis Stephenson where a bottle dwelling imp grants the owner wishes…with an evil twist.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again at next week's round-up!