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Tabletop News Round Up: Newspeak is coming to Kicksterter

Tabletop news this week takes us to dystopian cyber punk future, back through the ages and all the way to the dawn of civilization. Board games are nice like that aren’t they? Read on to find out more…


This week Inside the Box Games (Sub Terra, Statecraft) announced their latest game, which is due to hit Kickstarter in January. Newspeak is an asymmetrical co-op game of bluffing, deduction and negotiation, played in real-time and set within a dystopian future.

In this 3-8 player game you are either The Mods or The Dissidents; the latter are utilising secret codes to meet in various ‘disturbingly illustrated’ underground locations, whereas the The Mods are seeking to raid the locations by cracking the codes. Depending on the success of your party further abilities will become unlocked, such as accomplices for The Dissidents and movement limiting surveillance for The Mods.

Newspeak sounds like a very interesting sci-fi game about fighting for the future and good vs. evil, with a nice hit of cyber punk goodness that fans of Blade Runner, Neuromancer and The Matrix will surely love. I for one am very much looking forward to this.

Check out the page on Tabletop Generation to discover Newspeak in all its mind bendy detail.

History of the World

Now on to something a little less future and a little more old-school, History of the World (HOTW), first released 25 years ago, is now getting its first reboot in over a decade.

This classic civ-building game is being refreshed by the guys at Ragnar Brothers and published by Z-Man Games. HOTW promises a more streamlined gaming experience than the original, plus a rules revision. There is limited information at the moment on how vast the changes will be, but it certainly sounds (and looks) very promising.

My First Stone Age - The Card Game

Going back to the dawn of civilization now, My First Stone Age - The Card Game, is the follow up to the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2016 winner My First Stone Age. Family gamers and mini-humans can enjoy the adventures of Martin the mammoth and Guff the wolfhound on a mission to build a new village.

This cute semi-educational game gives players opportunities to trek through caveman life and acquire new skills along the way, whilst managing cards and set collecting. The game can also be integrated with the original My First Stone Age, which will be a lovely refresh for owners of the 2016 game (and a potential double whammy of prehistoric purchasing!) Visit Z-Man for further details.

Arkham Horror: A Phantom of Truth

Moving on to the dark and decadent allure of 1920s, fans of the collectible card game Arkham Horror will be pleased to hear that the latest expansion, in The Path to Carcosa cycle, is now available for pre-order. This deck explores the depths of the mind with Doubt and Conviction cards in a Lovecraftian Paris.

If you’re an avid collector of the game then is certainly one to be excited for. If you’re anything like me and are yet to make it through the core game, the next best thing is admiring the stunning artwork instead! All information (and pretty pictures) on what Phantom brings to the story arc can be found on the Fantasy Flight website.

Spy Club

Bringing us bang up-to-date, Spy Club by Foxtrot Games hit Kickstarter this week. This is a co-op and set collection game with a retro flavour, bringing back memories of childhood adventures and a hunger for mystery.

What makes Spy Club unique is the multitude of gameplay options available. It can be a campaign driven game, where you unlock more story as the game continues, moving the narrative forward and unlocking new content. The nice thing is that it’s possible to reset the story, and with 150 cards and 40+ modules it’s possible to have a different experience with every campaign.

For time conscious gamers there is the option to play a single standalone game as well. You can visit the Kickstarter page to find out more.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you again next week for your next dose of tabletop news excitement.

This news round-up was brought to you by Lindsay Miller. You can find more information on Lindsay by visiting on her YouTube channel and blog.