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News Round-Up: Stuffed Fables & a new Pandemic!


Gen Con may be over, summer is almost definitely over, but the board games news keeps on coming, and with Essen just around the corner there’s plenty to be excited about.

Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables, from Plaid Hat Games, is set to be a firm favourite for Essen this October. In Stuff Fables you play the role of a fearless protector, on a quest to battle nightmarish creatures of the underworld. Oh, and just to mention... you just so happen to be an adorable stuffed toy!

Stuffed Fables is the first in Plaid Hat’s ‘AdventureBook’ line and is played over a storybook/rule book/player guide. The gameplay is card and dice driven, and as the story unfolds the more abilities and scenarios you can unlock. It also comes with a whole bunch of lovely bits and pieces, including 23 lovingly detailed miniatures.

Pandemic: Rising Tides

One of the most talked about stories this week was the announcement of Pandemic: Rising Tides, a standalone game in the Pandemic line. This is a co-op game designed by Matt Leacock and Jeroen Dolmen, where the objective is to keep the seas at bay whilst exploring new methods of flood control.

However, the post was pulled from the Z-Man website shortly after the announcement, with the recent disastrous flooding in Houston, Texas, Z-Man decided to hold off on further news. They later issued an apology for the ill timing, and stated that they plan to donate a share of proceeds toward flood relief programs.


Another much anticipated Essen release is Uwe Rosenberg’s Nusfjord. This worker placement game is themed around the Norwegian fishing village of the same name, and you are aiming to build a prosperous harbor of your own. There’s also a little economic gameplay here, as money is scarce you are placing shares in your company and possibly profiting from other players.

If A Feast For Odin is anything to go by, Nusfjord should be as equally hefty, with beautifully picturesque artwork. This is definitely one to seek out if you’re lucky enough to heading to Essen this year.

Battle for Rokugan

It’s another week, and another new announcement from Fantasy Flight Games has arrived. Battle for Rokugan is an epic area control strategy game set in the Legend of The Five Rings universe.

Here you play as ancient clans in a fictional land, fighting for territory, leadership and victory. In terms of gameplay it appears quite similar to the 2016 hit Inis (Christian Martinez/Matagot), but with a lean toward resource management as well as area control and battle.

Legends of Sleepy Hollow

Greater Than Games released further information on their upcoming Kickstarter ‘Legends of Sleepy Hollow’, a co-op game where players each take on the role of townsfolk (those of you familiar with the story will most likely recognise the character’s names). You are investigating the disappearance of Ichabod Crane in a campaign style set-up, using an action pool to initiate movement, attacks and character abilities.

The Kickstarter launches October 17 and more information can be found via the Greater Than Games website.

Mint Delivery

The follow up to Justin Blaske’s exceedingly popular Mint Works launched via Kickstarter on Tuesday. Mint Delivery is the second game in the Mint production line, and is essentially a full-scale pick up and deliver game in compact mint tin size.

For a little game it's making big waves and is currently over 700% funded within 72 hours. There’s also a reprint of Mint Works on offer for anyone who missed out on the first game.

This news round-up was brought to you by Lindsay Miller. You can find more information on Lindsay by visiting on her YouTube channel and blog.