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Board Game News: Fantasy Flight, Nostalgia and Re-Skins

Exciting times are ahead for tabletop fans, especially with Gen Con, one of the world’s largest game conventions, just around the corner. Whether you are in attendance or spectating from afar, here’s some exciting board games news to keep you satisfied until then...


Queendomino is a follow up to the popular 2016 game Kingdomino - winner of this year’s Spiel de Jahres. This city building, tile laying card game by Bruno Cathala is in-keeping with the Kingdomino family, but is an independent game that can be integrated with it’s predecessor if you wish.

Queendomino offers fresh challenges, slightly more complex gameplay and when played with Kingdomino adds larger grids for 2-4 players. The simple set up, neat gameplay and head-scratchy decision making contributed to Kingdomino’s success, and we hope the new release will be just as well received.

Fantasy Flight - Legacy of Dragonholt

Fantasy Flight delivered a whopper this week, announcing the release of Legacy of Dragonholt. Legacy is a co-operative storytelling game set in the Runebound universe. Runebound, released in 2004, will be familiar to Fantasy Flight devotees and also fans of designer Martin Wallace.

Dragonholt is a new standalone game, using the mysteriously titled ‘Oracle’ system. This appears to be (but don’t quote me!) an RPG style set up, without the necessity a GM. From the Fantasy Flight press release we can see that it certainly has a fantasy flavor, and uses the ‘choose your own adventure’ story-building aspects of an RPG.

So, if embarking upon epic quests is your thing then keep your eyes peeled for Legacy’s release, due later this year.

Fallout The Board Game

When Fantasy Flight rolls out their latest you can always expect it will come in twos. Fallout has many people chomping at the bit, and who can blame them?? Based on the popular video game series of the same name, Fallout is a ‘post-apocalyptic’ board game for 1-4 players.

This is another co-op, comprising of hand management, RPG and modular board building. Board game fans that love the franchise are buzzing over this, and for those of us who don’t have too much prior knowledge it looks to be super slick and good, dark co-op fun.

Century: Golem Edition

The first in a series of games spanning different time periods, Century: Spice Road is a set collection game with deck building and card drafting elements. Having been an unexpected hit this year Plan B Games have announced a special edition to be released at GenCon next week, and it looks marvelous.

Spice Road is set in the ancient past and explores the feel of the century; Golem is based in a far-flung fantasy future. ‘Soul crystals’ have become the new objects of desire, and are used to build ‘the most ornate and powerful of golems’. Complete with its very own gemstones and Manga style artwork, Golem is everything in appearance that Spice Road is not - but the gameplay is identical.

This re-skinned beauty is due to release next week, and the first 50 customers to the Gen Con booth get a copy for free!!

Gaia Project

It’s certainly been a week for nostalgia and re-workings, and I’m pleased to share the news of Gaia Project, the ‘spiritual successor’ to Terra Mystica. If you cast your mind back a few years ago, Terra Mystica dominated the BGG hotness for months and is a very well liked game of area control and resource management.

Gaia is very similar in format, but the theme is radically different. Whereas Terra Mystica was fantasy, Gaia is all about the sci-fi. Here we are playing as factions of galactic  creatures, colonising and terraforming nearby planets.

As a huge fan of Terra Mystica I am most looking forward to this! Release date TBC.

I hope you are all as excited for this lovely lot as I am, and we’ll see you next week for more games news!

This news round-up was brought to you by Lindsay Miller. You can find more information on Lindsay by visiting on her YouTube channel and blog.