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David Ireland

Hello, my name is David and unsurprisingly I love board games. It's also one thing I do to improve my mental wellbeing. I find board games are perfect to escape the pressures of modern life, focus in on something challenging and (critically) have fun. Don't be fooled here, I'm also a competitive monster and play to win every time. But having that success of a victory is the added bonus. So long as I'm having fun I'm happy.

As well as gaming I love getting outdoors with the family and friends. Playing sport, exercising. I'm a qualified (Level 1) badminton coach and in a past life a gym instructor, fitness class instructor and trampoline coach. I love podcasts, music, radio. In the pandemic and lockdown I've got back into Kerrang Radio, "everything that Rocks" is the music I love. I enjoy doing a range of different things and sharing these moments with my family. I also enjoy trying new things which is why I'm having a go at blogging about a hobby I love. I hope you enjoy my writing and experiences.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Formula D DD

Formula D Second Opinion

David Ireland 14/11/2023

Formula D - a dice-rolling, grid movement game, with ongoing elements of press-your-luck. Play with up to 10 players!

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Seafarers 5-6 Player Extension

Catan Seafarers 5-6 Player Extension Review

David Ireland 24/10/2023

The Catan: Seafarers 5-6 Player Extension delivers exactly what you’d expect: it does what it says on the tin!

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Rocket Game

Rocket Game Review

David Ireland 23/10/2023

Choose a launch pad and blast into space, collecting as many loop-the-loops as you can along the way! This is Rocket Game.

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Seafarers Catan

Seafarers Catan Review

David Ireland 06/10/2023

Offshore islands, you ask? That’s right, you’re going to need ships to sail to them in Catan Seafarers expansion.

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Catan Tips

Tips & Tricks For Catan

David Ireland 29/09/2023

So here are some of key learnings of a man who has loved Catan for years... for the legendary game that might just aid you in your sessions.

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Oil Springs

Oil Springs Catan Scenarios Review

David Ireland 07/09/2023

The island of Catan has finally managed to discover oil! It is scarce, and certainly doesn't come without a cost in Oil Springs.

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NEWS: Worms The Board Game

David Ireland 29/08/2023

The Kickstarter launch date is finally here. Worms the Board Game is a game that has got many excited and here's what we know so far.

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Catan 5-6 Player

Catan 5-6 Player Expansion Review

David Ireland 10/08/2023

Catan is one of the biggest games in the Board Game world. The Catan 5-6 Player expansion allows you to enjoy the fun with more people!

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Marvel United: X Men Gold Team Expansion Review

David Ireland 02/08/2023

The X-Men: Gold Team expansion brings another iconic X-Men team, featuring classic Heroes that will each bring their own twist to the game.

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smash up

Smash Up 10th Anniversary Set Review

David Ireland 20/07/2023

It’s hard to believe Alderac Entertainment Group have celebrated 10 years of this wonderful game series. It’s actually 11 at time of writing this review and the game continues to […]

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