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Gold Award

David Ireland

Hello, my name is David and unsurprisingly I love board games. It's also one thing I do to improve my mental wellbeing. I find board games are perfect to escape the pressures of modern life, focus in on something challenging and (critically) have fun. Don't be fooled here, I'm also a competitive monster and play to win every time. But having that success of a victory is the added bonus. So long as I'm having fun I'm happy.

As well as gaming I love getting outdoors with the family and friends. Playing sport, exercising. I'm a qualified (Level 1) badminton coach and in a past life a gym instructor, fitness class instructor and trampoline coach. I love podcasts, music, radio. In the pandemic and lockdown I've got back into Kerrang Radio, "everything that Rocks" is the music I love. I enjoy doing a range of different things and sharing these moments with my family. I also enjoy trying new things which is why I'm having a go at blogging about a hobby I love. I hope you enjoy my writing and experiences.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


NEWS: Wrath of Fire Mountain

David Ireland 10/07/2024

Wrath of Fire is a prehistoric strategy game, in which players must compete dominate the board with cave people and escape the volcano!

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shadow hunters

Shadow Hunters – 2nd Opinion.

David Ireland 09/07/2024

Shadow Hunters is a survival board game set in a devil-filled forest in which 3 groups of characters struggle against each other to survive.

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NEWS: Splendor 2nd edition

David Ireland 28/06/2024

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Splendor, we've getting a re-release of the game in a 2nd edition format!

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Ecosystem – Second Opinion

David Ireland 26/06/2024

Ecosystem is a card-drafting game in which players compete to build the best ecosystem: don't forget to diversify!

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Trivial Pursuit – Friends the TV Series – Review

David Ireland 24/06/2024

This is classic Trivial Pursuit with a Friends sitcom twist - test your knowledge on your favourite characters and their drama!

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NEWS: HeroQuest First Light

David Ireland 18/06/2024

Avalon Hill dropped some exciting news last week in a new set for HeroQuest is coming in the form of HeroQuest First Light!

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UK Games Expo 2024 – Zatu Blogger experience

David Ireland 10/06/2024

UK Games Expo was back and bigger than ever this year. so how did our bloggers find the event? And what games you should keep an eye out for?

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Dodo Review

David Ireland 03/05/2024

Build bridges with your team to bring the rolling Dodo egg to safety! Speed and teamwork are essential in this frantic game for ages 6+

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Marvel Remix

Top Marvel Board Games

David Ireland 17/04/2024

There is so much choice now in the Marvel board game range, which for us as fans of both board games and the Marvel theme, absolutely love.

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Marvel United: X Men Gold Team Expansion Review

David Ireland 03/04/2024

The X-Men: Gold Team expansion brings another iconic X-Men team, featuring classic Heroes that will each bring their own twist to the game.

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