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Gold Award

David Ireland

Hello, my name is David and unsurprisingly I love board games. It's also one thing I do to improve my mental wellbeing. I find board games are perfect to escape the pressures of modern life, focus in on something challenging and (critically) have fun. Don't be fooled here, I'm also a competitive monster and play to win every time. But having that success of a victory is the added bonus. So long as I'm having fun I'm happy.

As well as gaming I love getting outdoors with the family and friends. Playing sport, exercising. I'm a qualified (Level 1) badminton coach and in a past life a gym instructor, fitness class instructor and trampoline coach. I love podcasts, music, radio. In the pandemic and lockdown I've got back into Kerrang Radio, "everything that Rocks" is the music I love. I enjoy doing a range of different things and sharing these moments with my family. I also enjoy trying new things which is why I'm having a go at blogging about a hobby I love. I hope you enjoy my writing and experiences.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Splendor Marvel

Splendor Marvel Board Game Review

David Ireland 23/01/2024

Combining Splendor with Marvel to create Splendor Marvel was nothing short of a stroke of genius by the creators.

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Backgammon Review

David Ireland 15/01/2024

Backgammon is truly one of the all-time classic board games. It is simple to learn, fast paced and highly competitive.

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Splendor Second Opinion

David Ireland 15/01/2024

Splendor, the game of chasing precious jewels and gems on the path to victory. Let's see what David has to say about this one!

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News – Zombicide Presents ZombieFridays

David Ireland 11/01/2024

They are bringing back their ZombieFridays feature which is truly awesome. It’s FREE stuff for all of us that own Zombicide.

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Kluster Second Opinion

David Ireland 05/01/2024

Kluster is a dexterity game with very minimal yet satisfying components. Who says you can't have fun with a bit of string?

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Catan New Energies

News – Catan: New Energies Announced

David Ireland 02/01/2024

There's a new Catan coming to town, and we think you're going to like this one. It's giving... 2024 renewable energy vibes.

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Fort Hendrix

Fort Hendrix Zombicide Second Opinion

David Ireland 20/12/2023

Hang on just one moment! Who handed the zombies some guns?! Ah, I see, we're playing the Fort Hendrix expansion to Zombicide...

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What We Are Playing - Fuse

What We Are Playing On New Years Eve 2023

David Ireland 13/12/2023

New Years is a fun time for gamers! It's weird, because it's still 2023 somewhere while it's not for you... Here's what we are playing...

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LOQ Review

David Ireland 13/12/2023

Fancy some fast talking fun for everyone at your next family gathering? Pick up a copy of LOQ and let the fun begin from there.

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Kluster Duo

NEWS: Kluster Duo Announced

David Ireland 11/12/2023

If you haven't had a chance to play around with Kluster yet, maybe the news of Kluster Duo releasing will prepare you for it?

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