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Gold Award

David Ireland

Hello, my name is David and unsurprisingly I love board games. It's also one thing I do to improve my mental wellbeing. I find board games are perfect to escape the pressures of modern life, focus in on something challenging and (critically) have fun. Don't be fooled here, I'm also a competitive monster and play to win every time. But having that success of a victory is the added bonus. So long as I'm having fun I'm happy.

As well as gaming I love getting outdoors with the family and friends. Playing sport, exercising. I'm a qualified (Level 1) badminton coach and in a past life a gym instructor, fitness class instructor and trampoline coach. I love podcasts, music, radio. In the pandemic and lockdown I've got back into Kerrang Radio, "everything that Rocks" is the music I love. I enjoy doing a range of different things and sharing these moments with my family. I also enjoy trying new things which is why I'm having a go at blogging about a hobby I love. I hope you enjoy my writing and experiences.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

marvel united x men

Marvel United X-Men Review

David Ireland 27/03/2024

Take on the role of your favourite Marvel hero! In Marvel United X Men you must stop the master plan of a powerful villain!

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Poopy McPoopFace – Review

David Ireland 25/03/2024

Poopy McPoopFace is a humorous take on classic card games such as Palace, Karma, and Ten-two Slide, with a toilet themed twist!

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rio z janeiro

Rio Z Janeiro, A Zombicide Expansion Review

David Ireland 22/03/2024

The Rio Z Janeiro expansion brings it with some goold old fashioned Zombie hordes and new board tiles for the Rio landscape!

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Splendor Duel

Splendor Duel – 2nd Opinion

David Ireland 13/03/2024

Jump into Splendor Duel with this 2-player format perfect to challenge a friend. Purchase jewels and obtain scrolls within your adventure!

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News: Frag Reprint

David Ireland 27/02/2024

Steve Jackson Games in partnership with Warehouse 23 have just announced the reprint of Frag! They are taking pre orders now!

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Animals Gathering

Animals Gathering Second Opinion

David Ireland 19/02/2024

Join the world of Animal Gathering. Revive the crystal animals, have the chance to gain unique bonuses and obtain Victory!!

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Dominoes Review

David Ireland 15/02/2024

Let's revisit what makes dominoes such an all-time classic board game; sometimes it's the simple games that bring the most entertainment!

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How to play – Smash Up.

David Ireland 14/02/2024

A beautifully simple game with easy mechanics to pick up, Smash Up is a must have in your collection. Read on to find out how to play!

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Excellent Movies Dudes

Excellent Movies Dudes Smash Up Review

David Ireland 05/02/2024

Shall we take a dive into what seems to be David's favourite series, Smash Up, and see how the Excellent Movies Dudes expansion plays?

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Hey That's My Fish

Hey, That’s My Fish! Second Opinion

David Ireland 01/02/2024

Hey, That's My Fish! is a wonderful little treat. Fast paced, quick scoring and ultimately immensely frustrating come the end of the game.

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