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Warhammer Underworlds: Rivals Of The Mirrored City Review


Warhammer has re-released four out-of-print Underworlds warbands from the first edition all together in one box. They’ve also thrown in updated fighter cards and new Rivals decks for each of them that work with the current edition of the game. I delved inside the Rivals of the Mirrored City to check out these models I didn’t get to experience the first time around.

Who Are You Calling ‘Gitz’?

The Zarbag's Gitz warband consists of nine madcap Gloomspite Gitz fighters. These push-fit miniatures have been cast in grot-green plastic. The leader, Zarbag, is a Moonclan Shaman with a sickle and an enslaved Sniffer Sprite. He is joined by Gobbaluk and Bonekrakka, two Cave Squigs shepherded by Drizgit da Squig Herder. Prog da Netter is a Grot Stabba armed with a barbed net, and Snirk Sourtongue is a Loonsmasha Fanatic who now comes with an attack action that causes him to become Inspired when it misses. This unlocks the Wreck ability, which he can put to great use by bulldozing through enemies. The three remaining Grot Shootas (Redkap, Stikkit, and Dibbz) are now all able to shoot together for one action! ‘Give ‘Em a Volley Ladz’ enables each friendly Shoota within 3 hexes to make one Grot Bow Attack action.

Zarbag’s Gitz focus on controlling the objectives on the board with their numerous fighters. They can harass opponents with tricks, squigs, volleys of arrows, and a spinning ball and chain. What they may lack in strength, they more than make up for in other areas.

Angry Mob

The Mollog’s Mob warband consists of four Gloomspite Gitz fighters. These push-fit miniatures have been cast in dark troggoth-blue plastic. The leader, Mollog the Mighty, is a Dankhold Troggoth who likes to crush anyone who gets in his way. He is joined by a Bat Squig, a Spiteshroom, and and Stalasquig.

The main focus of Mollog’s Mob is the big guy himself. Thanks to his updated fighter card, he can no longer be driven back as he now has the Steadfast rule. He is also too Mighty to be taken out with a single blow. His small Squiggy team spend all their time supporting him in their own special ways. The Bat Squig flies around causing a nuisance of himself, ensuring any nearby fighters cannot use Guard. The Spiteshroom has a set of lethal hexes that augment Mollog’s damage. The immovable Stalagsquig supports adjacent fighters and threatens enemies with Cleave when it becomes Inspired.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

The Thorns of the Briar Queen warband consists of seven Nighthaunt fighters. These push-fit miniatures have been cast in ghostly light-blue plastic. Their leader is the chilling Briar Queen herself. She is joined by her attendant Varclav the Cruel, The Ever-Hanged, and four ghastly Chainrasps.

This spectral warband is great for those who enjoy positional play and placing fighters in the perfect spot to cause maximum damage. Their Rivals deck has lots of movement tricks for controlling the board and getting your fighters exactly where you need them, and the fact that they ignore lethal hexes is an added bonus.

The Briar Queen’s new ‘Wave of Terror’ mechanic enables charging gheists to provide aid to other members of their warband. Varclav’s ‘Solemn March’ quickly sneaks the spooks around the board so you can reach those faraway objectives and enemy fighters.

A Swarm of Rats

The Spiteclaw’s Swarm warband consists of five sneaky Skaven fighters. These push-fit miniatures have been cast in rat-like brown plastic. The leader, Skritch Spiteclaw, is a Clawlord and a powerful fighter. He is joined by Krrk the Almost-Trusted, a Festering Skaven, a Hungering Skaven, and a Lurking Skaven.

This aggressive warband is all about stabbing enemies and then retreating into the shadows. Although they are small in number compared to other warbands, they make up for this by being able to return slain fighters to the field. The minions now also provide additional support to Skritch and Krrk with the useful ‘Schemer’ mechanic, which grants [Crit] Grievous 1. Untrustworthy Krrk has a new range 2 attack action and gets a little bonus if Skritch is killed, with ‘Krrk Rules Now!’ providing valuable card draw.

Warhammer Underworlds: Rivals of the Mirrored City offers a lot for its price. These four warbands have been hard to get hold of for quite some time so it’s great that newer players now have the opportunity to acquire them. The updated fighter cards and new Rivals decks are also a welcome addition, as there have been a number of changes since the first edition of Warhammer Underworlds, and these ensure that older warbands remain relevant.

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