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Warhammer Bulletin: Forces of Chaos

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Welcome to another Warhammer Bulletin, taking a look each week at what’s gone up for pre-order in the Warhammer universe. It’s the turn of Chaos this week, with a brand new codex for Chaos Space Marines appearing from the warp. Will you be joining the legions of traitor marines?

Chaos Space Marine


Breaking the fabric between reality and the immaterium is a brand new codex! I’m sure there will be plenty of new and devious ways of using your marines on the battlefield. It includes 8 new detachments, lore, galleries and updates to datasheets. If you want something to remember for a long time, why not take a look at the collectors edition.

Combat Patrol

As always, Combat Patrol continues to be a great way to get into 40k or expand your force. Chaos Space marines are getting a new one, Zarakan’s Daemonkin. It includes a Master of Possession and his coterie of five Possessed, 10 Chaos Space Marines and 10 Chaos Cultists.

Battleforce: Veterans of the Long Wars

What’s better than Chaos Space Marines? More Chaos Space Marines! Yes, this battleforce comes with a Chaos Lord, 5 Possessed, 5 Chosen, 10 Chaos Terminators, and 10 Chaos Space Marines. That’s a whole lot of power and a great addition to any force, big or small.

Battleforce: Dread Talons

But what if you’re feeling more…unconventional? Does the dull power armoured marine not do it for you? Chaos or not. Maybe you need something purer, pure warp that is.

Well this battleforce is what you need. It contains a new Chaos Lord with a jump pack, a Daemon Prince, a Dark Commune of 5 models, 8 Accursed Cultists, 10 Chaos Cultists, and a bodyguard of 10 Chaos Space Marine Raptors. That’s a whole lot of warpery right there, happy hunting.

Cultist Firebrand

Available separately for the first time (only from Games Workshop), is the Cultist Firebrand. Your cultist mobs may usually be nothing more than cannon fodder, but with a Firebrand leading them they can really make an impact. He gives his cultist bodyguards the ability to re-roll leadership tests for Battle-shock and Dark Pact, plus he has a wicked firepike to boot.


Get your hands on some accessories for your Tau force, in the form of dice and datasheet cards.

Made to Order - Tau and Orks

There are several older Tau and Ork kits being Made to Order, you’ll need to check out the Warhammer website for these and they can take a while to ship.

These include:

● Tidewall Gunrig

● Farsight Enclave Shoulder Pads

● Aun’va, Master of the Undying Spirit

● Aun’shi, T’au Ethereal

● Commander Longstrike

● Kaptin Badrukk

● Boss Zagstruk