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VIDEO: Codenames Unboxing

Welcome to another one of our YouTube board game videos, where we present our Codenames unboxing!

Codenames is a fun party game developed by Czech Games Edition and was released back in 2015. This easy-to-learn game sees you and your friends taking on the roles of spys and you try to find all of your secret agents.

Your group will be split into two teams, one red and one blue, with one member from each side being selected as the Spymaster! A 5x5 grid is created on your table, made up of different code-words which your team must connect together in order to find their agents on the grid.

The Spymasters sit together at one end of the table and can see exactly where all of the agents are on the grid. They then give one-word clues to their teams which have a connection to one or more of the words on the grid.

The aim here is to guide your team to the correct words so that you can place an agent card on the grid. You'll need to be careful with your clues because if your team select's a word belonging to the other team, they will get the points and that round will be over for you.

Most of all you want to avoid landing on the assassin card!! If this happen's it's game over immediately and the other team wins.

Find out more in our Codenames unboxing video below:

Find your Codenames agents

Codenames is available to buy on our online store right now! Alongside the original game we also have the exciting Pictures expansion which swaps the words on the grid for unique, abstract images!

We also have the brand-new 'adults-only' version of the game, which is called Deep Undercover. This is words once again but not the innocent ones that you would expect to find in the original Codenames.

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