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King Of Monster Island Review

King Of Monster Island Review

Alex Chase 03/01/2023

Is King Of Monster Island worth buying? If you have King Of Tokyo and are looking for something similar then yes!

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King Of Tokyo Cybertooth Review

Cybertooth - the two legged robot which can transform into a scary (and very big), sabertoothed tiger!? Rawr.

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King of Monster Island

News: King Of Monster Island Is Here

Joe Packham 17/10/2022

Monster news this autumn! Move over King Kong, out the way Space Penguin, there’s a new abomination on the block! King Of Monster Island...

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monster box cover

King Of Tokyo Monster Box Review

Fred Cronin 07/04/2022

Tokyo is under attack! And this time it’s not just one killer Kaiju running amok but a whole box full of them.

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King of Tokyo Header

The King of Tokyo is Back

Nick Welford 10/08/2021

Iello have announced a new King of Tokyo Monster Box combining some hard to get expansions included in the box. Halloween and Power Up expansions are both included as well as some new content!

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You Haven't played2 feature

I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Played That! Part 2

Nick Welford 18/05/2020

Our bloggers are back to shock and amaze you with the games they haven't played yet! Can you believe it? What haven't you played yet?

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King of Tokyo Dark Feature

King of Tokyo Dark Edition Review

Nick Welford 27/04/2020

King of Tokyo is back with this new Dark Edition. This limited run changes up the art, card powers and adds wickeness! Who will be the new King of Tokyo?

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King OF Tokyo News

NEWS – King of Tokyo Goes Noir

Rob Wright 07/11/2019

Richard Garfield’s King of Tokyo special edition (a limited print run) is due for release in early 2020, click here to read more!

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