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Joe Packham

I love playing board games with my wife, Bek, and my two kiddies Fi and Link. I also enjoy running, reading and writing. Also known as Movin’ Meeples.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

tapestry arts and architecture

Tapestry Arts And Architecture Review

Joe Packham 20/03/2023

With the Tapestry Arts and Architecture expansion, players will now have 5 tracks of which they can choose from!

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King of Monster Island

News: King Of Monster Island Is Here

Joe Packham 17/10/2022

Monster news this autumn! Move over King Kong, out the way Space Penguin, there’s a new abomination on the block! King Of Monster Island...

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SOS dino review

SOS Dino Review

Joe Packham 29/06/2022

SOS Dino! It’s the end of the world as we know it! It is for our 4 Dino buddies anyway. Volcanoes are erupting left, right and center!

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History Heroes

History Heroes Kings & Queens Review

Joe Packham 22/06/2022

Did you know that King Charles VI was crowned King at just eleven years old? Yeah, me neither until I found out about History Heroes...

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Dragomino components

Top 5 Games For Kids

Joe Packham 02/06/2022

So we all agree board games for kids are a must. That was easy. but there are absolutely squillions of them! Is one children’s game as good as another?

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May The Fourth Be With You

Joe Packham 04/05/2022

So whether you want to be a Jedi, do the Kessel run in less than 12 Parsecs or just pull the ears off a Gundark we’ve got you covered. Check out some our favourites below.

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Super Motherload Review

Super Motherload Review

Joe Packham 04/10/2021

If you’re looking for a game about mining in search of jewels and alien relics, you’ve just hit the motherload, the Super Motherload!

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Equinox Review

Equinox Review

Joe Packham 13/09/2021

If you like your games fast and gorgeous it’s hard to imagine you not liking Equinox. It’s tactical and tense in a very pleasing way.

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Co2 Second Chance Review

5 Games To Shine A Light On Climate Change

Joe Packham 31/08/2021

The Zatu blog team have prepared a list of games that shine a light on Climate Change in a variety of different ways.

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praga board

Top 5 Games for Your Staycation

Joe Packham 04/08/2021

Check out our Top 5 board games to play on your staycation or instead of your vacation with our handy guide here at Zatu Games!

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