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Joe Packham

I love playing board games with my wife, Bek, and my two kiddies Fi and Link. I also enjoy running, reading and writing. Also known as Movin’ Meeples.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Super Motherload Review

Super Motherload Review

Joe Packham 04/10/2021

If you’re looking for a game about mining in search of jewels and alien relics, you’ve just hit the motherload, the Super Motherload!

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Equinox Review

Equinox Review

Joe Packham 13/09/2021

If you like your games fast and gorgeous it’s hard to imagine you not liking Equinox. It’s tactical and tense in a very pleasing way.

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Co2 Second Chance Review

5 Games To Shine A Light On Climate Change

Joe Packham 31/08/2021

The Zatu blog team have prepared a list of games that shine a light on Climate Change in a variety of different ways.

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praga board

Top 5 Games for Your Staycation

Joe Packham 04/08/2021

Check out our Top 5 board games to play on your staycation or instead of your vacation with our handy guide here at Zatu Games!

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The North Sea Feature Image

A Quick Guide To The North Sea Trilogy

Joe Packham 27/07/2021

The North Sea trilogy shot Shem Phillips to board game fame. With the stylish artwork and twists to euro mechanics, Phillips is one to watch.

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The West Kingdom Trilogy Feature Image

A Quick Guide To The West Kingdom Trilogy

Joe Packham 26/07/2021

Spanning the medium to medium-heavy range, The West Kingdom trilogy boasts two games in the BGG top 100 with a third sure to join them!

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156 Sunny Street Dream Home Expansion

Dream Home 156 Sunny Street Review

Joe Packham 23/07/2021

Dream Home: 156 Sunny street is a modular expansion and if you’re a fan of the base game then this is the review for you!

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Fossilis review

Fossilis Review

Joe Packham 19/07/2021

I said that Fossilis blended aesthetic, theme and mechanisms in a unique way. Well, it’s one of the most tactile games I’ve ever experienced!

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Island Hopper Review

Island Hopper Review

Joe Packham 12/04/2021

Island Hopper is a game of bidding. The good news is you live in a gorgeous archipelago of paradise islands. The bad news is you’re skint!

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Plans and ploys review

Tapestry Plans And Ploys Review

Joe Packham 26/01/2021

Tapestry pits powerful asymmetric factions against one another. What does Plans and Ploys add to this buffet then? Find out here.

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