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painting your minis

Painting Your New Warhammer 40k Miniatures

Ross Coulbeck 24/04/2023

Painting your new set of Warhammer minis will seem like a fresh start! But here's a guide to help along the way.

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citadel colour painting handle

Citadel Colour Painting Handle Review

The humble Citadel Colour Painting Handle is a must-have essential in your miniatures accessories collection!

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warp lightning

Warp Lightning Citadel Contrast Paint Review

Matthew Morgan 27/01/2023

We all love a beautiful green, don't we. The Warp Lightning paint is one of the best greens I have seen since sliced bread (not mould)!

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aethermatic blue

Aethermatic Blue Citadel Contrast Paint Review

Matthew Morgan 24/01/2023

Get the Aethermatic Blue look... with this Citadel Contrast paint! Do you realise how much you realise that you need this?

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Plaguebearer Flesh Citadel Contrast Paint Review

Matthew Morgan 23/01/2023

This Plaguebearer Flesh paint isn't s scary as it may sound. Find out for yourself how good these paints really are!

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Citadel Flesh Tearers Red

Flesh Tearers Red Citadel Contrast Paint Review

Matthew Morgan 23/01/2023

Have you ever seen a scarier colour than the Flesh Tearers Red Citadel paint? I know I haven't... how does it look?

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black templar paint splat

Black Templar Citadel Contrast Paint Review

Matthew Morgan 11/01/2023

If you've been on the hunt for a new black/ dark shade of paint, the Black Templar paint could be the answer to it all!

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imperial fist pain splat

Imperial Fist Citadel Contrast Paint Review

Matthew Morgan 10/01/2023

How well do the Citadel Contrast paints work? The Imperial Fist paint... how does it look on white, grey and silver?

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Citadel Battle Figure Case

Citadel Battle Figure Case Review

Matthew Morgan 20/10/2022

The Citadel Battle Figure case is the second largest case that Citadel currently offers. Designed with a tough and sturdy outer shell...

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