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Warp Lightning Citadel Contrast Paint Review

warp lightning

Warp Lightning Speed Captain

We’re back one again for another chapter in our citadel paint test series. As always, I’ll be looking at individual paint colours from the citadel ranges and seeing what makes them pop on a model. Finally, I’ll be applying the paint to three different base colours and comparing the results so you can see exactly what effects you can expect from different combinations. My aim is to show you just what these paints are capable of and inspire artistic opportunities for your next project.

In this test, we’ll be popping Citadels Warp Lightning contrast paint under the theoretical magnifying glass. If you're new to the contrast paint range, these are designed with ease of time in mind. Thin liquid full of pigment gives these paints a unique ability to coat and shade surfaces at the same time. And due to it being such a thin coat of paint, it dries quickly allowing you to move onto the next colour and finish your model in no time.

Just looking at the pot, I can see so much potential for this colour. The deep shade screams forests and grass, whilst I could also see it playing the role of grime or rot really well on the right base colour. Overall, it looks to be quite a deep dark paint, so I can see it covering surfaces smoothly in one or two coats.

But don’t worry about lathering this paint onto your models. All contrast paint comes in an 18ml pot and is thin enough to go a long way on your models. Just be sure to use a small brush to pick up any loose pools of paint that gather in corners to get the best looking result.

Corax White Base

For this combination, we’re left with a beautifully vibrant green that naturally glows from the base. This would look perfect on the leaves of an awakened Wyldwood, with an additional drybrush of a light green and white to bring out the edges. It does have a tendency to pool quite thickly so be sure to soak up any excess paint before it dries.

Mechanicus Standard Grey Base

I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the coats of paint settled on this colour. The shade is even and still gives off a green hue despite being on a very dark surface. Ways you could use this shade are a little limited, but it would look very royal on material or armour.

Runefang Silver Base

There’s one thing that sprang to mind when I saw this result; plague covered floor of a space hulk. The Warp Lightning takes to the metallic base brilliantly, and you’re left with a bright but murky looking surface that a tyranid would call home in an instant.


This might be one of my favourite contrasts so far, just going by the results we had. The green shines true on all three base paints and gives its own twist at the same time. The coats come out smoothly, and the self shading works a charm.

My favourite has to be the silver combo, and I’ll definitely be using that for my next lot of scenery. With a bit of dry brushing to add character and wear, it’ll make any piece of terrain battle ready in no time at all.

I’d love to know what you thought of this paint, and which combo was your favourite. You can let me know by using the @zatugames tag on social media platforms.

That concludes our thoughts on the Warp Lightning Paint. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social media @zatugames. To buy the Warp Lightning Paint today click here!