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Flesh Tearers Red Citadel Contrast Paint Review

Citadel Flesh Tearers Red

Red’y To Rumble!

Welcome back to our citadel paint test series. As always, I’ll be scrutinizing individual paint colours from the citadel range and seeing what makes them pop on a model. Finally, I’ll be applying the paint to three different base colours and comparing the results so you can see exactly what effects you can expect from different combinations. In this review, I’ll be exploring the charmingly deep colour of one of Citadel's contrast paints, ‘Flesh Tearers Red’. So without further delay, let's get stuck in!

Flesh Tearers Red falls under the contrast paint range of Citadel. A line of paint that specializes in providing as much detail to your models with as little effort as possible. This is achieved with a very thin paint that contains deep pigments that fill indentations nicely to give depth and shade to the model.

This deep red liquid is supplied in an 18ml bottle. Meaning that you get a lot of paint for your money; and due to the style of paint, it goes a long way too, and there’s no need to water it down.

Because of the darker shade of pigment used in this paint, the finished effect is often a beautifully deep maroon shade, regardless of the base paint that you use.

Time To Test

Speaking of which. It’s time to see how this shade of contrast paint holds up under my test. To showcase and compare a variety of results, I’ll be applying two coats of the black templar paint to a white, grey and silver base; and leaving them to dry for 12 hours before comparing.

Corax White Base

The two coats of paint over a white base paint has provided a stunningly deep shade of red with a smooth finish. It’s also made light work of highlighting the skulls and nails that protrude from the base, and shading the indentations between. To finish this base off, I'd dry brush with a light red and a lighter pink to really show off the details.

Mechanicus Standard Grey Base

This may be the smoothest coat of paint I've achieved with any contrast paint; as well as the nicest shade on a grey base. The first application that comes to mind, would be on a flag or a piece of material; with any details being highlighted with a royal gold paint. If I were an emperor, I’d be wearing a cloak of this exact colour at all times.

Runefang Silver Base

I can’t help thinking this shade would look incredible on a piece of armour. Giving an almost bloodsoaked effect when its dried, this metallic finish would suit a battalion of stormcast eternals down to the T. For an added wow factor, dry brush with a silver dry paint to bring out all the details.


I genuinely can’t decide which result I like the most. All three shades have their charms and could be used in a variety of situations. But if I had to choose, it would have to be the devilishly dark finish on the grey base paint. Although you probably saw that one coming a mile off.

I’d love to know which shade you liked the most. Let me know by tagging us on social media using @zatugames. To get your hands on this Flesh Tearers Red contrast paint today, click here!