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Warhammer Bulletin: Issue 500!


Welcome to another Warhammer Bulletin, taking a look each week at what’s gone up for pre-order in the Warhammer universe. This week it is a momentous occasion, issue 500 of White Dwarf. I know for a lot of us the magazine has been a staple for our entire journey through the worlds of Warhammer, enrapturing us with battle reports, tales, painted miniatures and the wisdom of the great White Dwarf himself, Grombrindal. He brings with him more Legions Imperialis and the Darktide miniatures game.

White Dwarf

Issue 500 and Grombrindal

Wow, 500 issues is a lot. It’s been going since 1977! Given the issue number, this issue was always going to be something special, and it’s sure shaping up to be that way. It’s a mega 192 pages long, with battle reports, scenarios, and all your usual awesomeness. Plus some features looking into the history of White Dwarf and the Grombrindal model itself, with some painting tutorials to go along with it.

Yes that’s right, we’re getting a new Grombrindal model, I mean how could we not? Every few years we get a new model of Grombrindal doing…something or another. Delivering Christmas presents, playing Blood Bowl, he’s done all sorts. This time he seems firmly entrenched in the Mortal Realms. They are also releasing rules so he can be used in various Warhammer games.

Legions Imperialis

Solar Auxilia


More mini tanks! You can never have enough, and these storm hammers come from the same badass family as my favourite tanks, the Baneblades. If anything these look even bigger and more dangerous. The box contains 2 Stormhammer super-heavy tanks with either multi-laser or lascannon sponsons.

Malcador Squadron

Now these tanks are old, even by 30k’s standard. Dating back to Old Earth the Malcador is a beast of a tank that will serve any Solar Auxilia commander well. The box contains 4 Malcador Heavy Tanks, with a wide variety of weapon options.

Dracosan Transport Detachment

It can’t be all tanks…well it can, and these are still tanks, but they are there primarily to transport infantry (you know, those squishy fellows). These are tough transports and they’ll get your infantry where they need to go alive and well (but cannot be held responsible for what happens to them afterwards). The box contains 6 Dracosan Transport Tanks, each sporting either twin lascannons or a demolisher cannon

Legiones Astartes

Sicaran Squadron

With high speed and powerful weapons, Sicaran tanks are a force to be reckoned with, clearing the way ahead of your main Astartes force. The box contains 4 Sicaran tanks with several weapon options.

Legion Fast Attack

Feeling like your Astartes force is a little slow? Look no further than the Legion Fast Attack box, it has everything you need to quickly grab objectives or outflank an enemy (And there is something cute about tiny bikes). The box contains 4 bases of Outriders, 6 bases of Scimitar Jetbikes, 4 Javelin Land Speeders and 4 Land Speeders,

Dreadnought Drop Pods

Dreadnoughts are great, but can be a little slow to ponder into the thick of battle. Why not just drop them straight into it instead? The box contains 4 Dreadnought Drop Pods with opening doors, or the option to build them as Palisade Drop Pods, which deploy a powerful shield to protect your units from ordnance.

The Old World

There are several classic Ork and Goblin tribe kits being Made to Order, you’ll need to check out the Warhammer website for these and they can take a while to ship.

These include:

● Orc shaman on Wyvern

● Marauder Giant

● Orc Big Boss with Axe & Shield

● Two sets of three Stone Trolls

● Three scaly River Trolls


Osgiliath - Ruined City of Gondor

When playing any games in Middle Earth there is nothing better than having a thematic battlefield to play in. This huge set of terrain will let you fight amongst the ruins of Osgiliath where brave Faramir stood firm against an entire army to the last, even making one last valiant attempt to return.

Boxed Games


Making the leap from screen to tabletop, this is the Darktide miniatures game. Will you space Hice Tertium from a Chaos cult? You and some friends must form a team of a Psyjer, a Veteran Guardsman, an Ogryn and a Zealot. The box contains everything you need to fight the growing insurrection (and represent it, 6 Poxwalkers and 10 Traitor Guardsmen).

Black Library

Over in the vaults of the Black Library we have a few paperback releases this week, in multiple languages.

Ciaphas Cain: Vainglorious (Paperback) - My personal recommendation, the entire Ciaohas Cain series is fantastic and a great, more light-hearted, way to experience the world of 40k.

Longshot (Paperback - French)

Genefather (Paperback - German)