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Top 5 Blue Orange Games

Luke Pickles 10/02/2022

Luke has put together some of the Top 5 Blue Orange games, including Photosynthesis, Kameloot, Battle Sheep, Blue Lagoon and also Planet too!

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How to Play Kingdomino Feature

How To Play Kingdomino

Tom Harrod 25/06/2020

Kingdomino from Blue Orange Games is a charming tile drafting and laying game from Blue Orange Games. Tom takes you through the rules...

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Cat Lady Premium Edition Review

Nick T 02/04/2020

Cat Lady Premium designed and illustrated by Josh Wood is a card-drafting set collection game for 2-4 players, find out more in our review!

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Panic Mansion Review

Nick T 26/03/2020

Panic Mansion from Blue Orange Games is a dexterity game that sees players shake and tap components around a spooky house. Find out more in our review.

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Slide Quest Video Unboxing

Video – Slide Quest Unboxing

Josh 03/09/2019

Slide Quest is the brand-new release from Blue Orange Games. It's a fun dexterity game for families to play. Take a closer look in our unboxing video.

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Blue Orange Games News - Kingdomino Duel

News Round-Up: Blue Orange Games reveal Summer Line-up

In this week's news; Blue Orange Games have revealed four brand-new games to be released in August. Elsewhere, there are new expansions on Kickstarter.

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How to Play Photosynthesis

How to Play – Photosynthesis

Tom Harrod 17/05/2019

Photosynthesis plays on the theme of trees converting light into a chemical energy for themselves, which can then be released for them to grow.

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Dice Academy Preview

Dice Academy Preview

Rob Wright 03/04/2019

In Dice Academy, you have 5 letter dice and 5 theme dice. All 10 dice get rolled and the idea of the game is to match up a theme and letter with a word.

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Battle Sheep Board Game Review

Battle Sheep Review

Louis Noble 03/04/2019

Battle Sheep, from Blue Orange Games, is a relatively simple game, which can have some real face-palm moments, all in the name of fun!

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Blue Lagoon Video Unboxing

VIDEO: Blue Lagoon Unboxing

Josh 22/01/2019

James from the Hairy Game Lords takes a look inside the box of Blue Lagoon, an area control and set collection game set over stunning islands.

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