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Starcadia Quest Preview

Starcadia Quest Preview

Starcadia Quest is CMON’s latest addition to the Arcadia Quest Universe. It takes the action away from a medieval fantasy setting, and moves it to a futuristic galaxy far, far, away!

Arcadia! In! Space!

Starcadia Quest is a competitive 2-4 player game by a team of acclaimed designers including Eric M. Lang (of Blood Rage and Rising Sun fame). Players control a crew of two heroes in a branching four-scenario campaign to defeat Supreme Commander Thorne and his army of alien monsters.

As with the original Arcadia Quest, the game uses a “player versus player versus environment” mechanism. In each scenario you’re competing and battling against the other players to complete missions, while the alien monsters will react to your heroes' actions. (But can also be activated by event cards and briefly controlled by other players to scupper your plans.)

To Starcadia and Beyond!

A lot of what made the Arcadia Quest franchise great is still here. You'll find the weapon and equipment upgrades, the exploding dice mechanism, and the general humorous look and feel. However, there are a number of changes/improvements that will give Starcadia Quest its own identity (beyond just the sci-fi setting).

The introduction of a modular monster dashboard adds a bit more variety to scenarios. It permits players to organise an arrangement of different monsters and, at the end of every turn, players get to draw and play event cards. These can trigger game-changing effects such as “electric failures”, “colorblind hacks” and “asteroid bumps”, as well as allowing them to activate or spawn monsters.

The addition of event cards is a development upon the Tombstone and Brimstone card mechanisms (from Beyond the Grave and Inferno respectively). Here, players could move into a space and flip these cards over, activating in-game effects and making the whole experience even more unpredictable and exciting.

The box is packed with goodness! You'll find 30 highly-detailed plastic figures and 10 wonderfully illustrated game tiles. Then you have custom dice, dashboards, crew shuttles, tokens, cards, and much, much more.

Starcadia Quest - Game Components (Credit: CMON)

Starcadia Quest - Coming Soon

Starcadia Quest is essentially an express version of Arcadia Quest. By this, I mean that CMON have tried their hardest to streamline the time taken to set-up and play in numerous ways. For example, guild/crew sizes have been reduced from three to two heroes and the campaign itself has been reduced from six scenarios to four.

The game tiles now display in-game elements, leading to less time fiddling with tokens. All the material required to organise a scenario also comes on a solitary set-up card.

I have only recently got back into playing Arcadia Quest after two barren years. This was mainly due to the long set-up/tear-down time. There just wasn't much point in taking it to my game group. However, Starcadia Quest seems to be designed for ease of set-up. Also, campaigns only consist of four scenarios so you may be able to complete one over a couple of sessions. Now, that is appealing!!

Starcadia Quest will be flying into stock in Q4 2019. Pre-order your copy today.