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Secret Lair MTG – Brand New Superdrop Announced!

ANTRD Header
ANTRD Header

Secret Lairs are Magic’s premier method of releasing new, exclusive card arts on famous (or infamous) cards. This summer, pick up a cool pack with Secret Lair: All-Natural Totally Refreshing Superdrop! This collection of radical styles comes out on June 21st, and here’s your introduction to all the bodacious bros there, man.

Heading To Toontown

First up, remember running downstairs on a Saturday just to watch your favourite cartoons? Recapture the feeling every time you draw with the Secret Lair Saturday Morning D&D collection! Based on the original Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from 1983, these colourful full-arts feature the characters from the show in various predicaments! Cards like Primal Vigor and Whir of Invention get much needed reprints, and staples like Commander’s Sphere get great new art!

Following that, we have two fantastic Special Guest secret lairs from famous comic artists in this Secret Lair! Jen Bartel and Fiona Staples!. Jen Bartel is a Marvel and Image Comics artist, with some major names under her belt. Captain Marvel, Birds of Prey and Blackbird to name a few. Winner of the Eisner Award for Cover Art in 2019, she lends her hand and pen to some fantastic cards! Bloom Tender finally gets a much-needed reprint, and the artwork on Archaeomancer is something special indeed. 

ANTRD Comics

Fiona Staples, on the other hand, is responsible for the art in one of the most critically acclaimed comics out there. Saga has inspired countless artists throughout the industry, and undoubtedly some MTG artists as well. Her art in this Secret Lair perfectly encapsulates what made it so special. The weird, made almost normal designs bring these cards to a new level. This card also features Dryad of the Ilysian Grove with the “Dryad” creature type, which was mistakenly left off in Theros Beyond Death. Metallic Mimic also gets a much-wanted reprint, pleasing tribal players everywhere. 

Time Walking

From new artists to older ones, the drop also features 3 full sets from Alpha-era artists! Mark Poole is most well known for his work on Ancestral Recall and Counterspell for Alpha. His set, Secret Lair: Mark Poole, features some of his most well known pieces along with some brand new ones. 3 of his most recognisable pieces in Counterspell, Birds of Paradise and Howling Mine make an appearance, along with 3 brand new pieces. Balance, Brainstorm and Wasteland all show how much he has improved as an artist. Also, he was the original artist behind Balance, Brainstorm features the guy seen in Ancestral Recall and Wasteland has allowed him to finish art on all basic lands! 

Secondly, we have Dan Frazier’s Signet collection. One set of Ally Signets, and one set of Enemy Signets. The ally colours are the pairs next to each other on the colour wheel, and the enemy colours are the pairs across from each other. Dan’s most well known card are the original Moxen, so he was the perfect fit for this set! The Signets aren’t as rare as the other cards in this drop, but they are absolutely Commander staples and will fit perfectly into the increasing interest in old border decks!

ANTRD Signets

Mother, Can You Hear Me?

Coming in a little bit late, we have Secret Lair: Mother’s Day 2021! Coming in with a full playset of Mother of Runes, one of the most famous White cards, this set is sure to let you feel the protection she offers. Ejiwa “Edge” Ebenebe, Livia Primar, Rebecca Guay and Eliette Mitchell all lend their hands to these amazing pieces. And to make things even better, Eliette Mitchell is Rebecca Guay’s real life child! 

ANTRD Mothers of Runes

The Villain's Secret Lair!

Finally, they’re big, they’re bad, and now they’re not even in English! The Phyrexian Praetors come in hot with the Secret Lair: Compleat Edition! These new versions of Elesh Norn, Jin-Gitaxias, Sheoldred, Urabrask and Vorinclex bring their iconic New Phyrexia designs into their own language. Phyrexian is a grammatically complete conlang (constructed language) similar to Klingon or Sindarin, that is still being worked out by the fans, although Wizards has a system for it. This means that the cards have a striking, otherworldly essence despite working the exact same as the English version. They also all feature the brand new Phyrexian Border created for Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider in Kaldheim! 

ANTRD Phyrexians

So, that’s all we have time for today. This huge superdrop didn’t even include some of the hinted at cards! We already know that we’re getting more in 2021, with a Liliana set and a Dinosaur set being hinted at, as well as a confirmed Johannes Voss artist set and a Stranger Things set! Keep an eye out, for these and more, in the future!