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EVS Header

Pokemon Evolving Skies Set Review

Matt Capon 30/09/2021

Evolving Skies has definitely made a mark on the Pokemon TCG for a while. Who knows what could happen with Fusion Strike and beyond?

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Capenna Header

Magic Showcase 2021 Recap

Matt Capon 27/08/2021

What’s next for the multiverse of Magic? A couple of timeskips, gangsters, cyborg ninjas and Warhammer 40,000 of course!

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AFR Header

MTG: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Review

Matt Capon 04/08/2021

Greetings adventurers! Pick up a box of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms today, and hope it’s not a mimic!

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Urshifu Header

Pokemon TCG Battle Styles – Urshifu V-Box Review

Matt Capon 15/07/2021

Mechanically different cards allow Urshifu players to use different route to get their VMAXes on the board in new ways!

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Pin Set Header

Mad Party Pin Set Review

Matt Capon 08/07/2021

The combination of an incredibly strong meta defining set of cards, as well as 3 Shining Fates packs, really make Mad Party great!

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fnb header

Flesh and Blood Review – Welcome to Rathe and Arcane Rising

Matt Capon 07/07/2021

Flesh and Blood’s fantastic design of fighting heroes, instead of summoning creatures, really sets it apart!

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MH2 Header

Modern Horizons 2 Review

Matt Capon 05/07/2021

Modern Horizons 2 is an absolute slam-dunk of a set. Commander, Legacy and modern players will all find something great in this release!

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cr header

Chilling Reign Set Review

Matt Capon 24/06/2021

Chilling Reign is a great set. The support for new deck archetypes feels great, and the new chase cards bring something special to the game!

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ETB+ Header

Pokemon Sword And Shield: Elite Trainer Box Plus Review

Matt Capon 23/06/2021

All together, the Elite Trainer Box Plus is a great purchase. Playable promos, premium parts and perfect presentation wrap up the collection!

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ANTRD Header

Secret Lair MTG – Brand New Superdrop Announced!

Matt Capon 21/06/2021

This summer, pick up a cool pack with Secret Lair: All-Natural Totally Refreshing Superdrop! Here’s an introduction to all your bros, man.

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