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Rob’s Christmas Wishlist

Wishlist - Christmas - Rob W

Ah, it’s that time of year when the missus tells me that I am not to buy any more board games. Due to a) me ruining any ideas she has of what to get me and b) I HAVE TOO MANY BOARD GAMES!

Seeing as the latter is clearly not the case, here are a few things that I would like Santa to bring me as I have been awfully good this year. Honest.

Clank! In! Space!

I realise I am late to the party here, but I like to think that I am fashionably late and that there will be some of the punch left. No? Okay. I love deck builders and I love satirical takes on my beloved sci-fi, so I am wondering where this has been all my life. A big old space ship to move around, secrets to unlock, treasure to ransack and all sorts of sci-fi themed cards to throw into my deck? Oh yes! And a push your luck element? Definitely. Now if only there were a solo mode…

Marvel: Champions

Now I know I already have Marvel: Legendary and a great game it is too, so surely I don’t need Marvel: Champions. Need, no; want… maybe a bit. My experience of LCG is slim to none (look, I already have a burgeoning Pokemon habit and the worst pull rates EVER, so I don’t have room for another cash sink in my life) but every report I get is that it’s tough and it’s great… and it has a solo mode!

Century: New World

I demoed this and Tiny Towns at Tabletop Live this year, and it was very close as to which one I’d get.  Tiny Towns won in the end (I stand by my decision). But I came very close to getting new world, simply because it flows so nicely, like all the other Century games. A bit of worker placement, a bit of upgrade and trade, it seems to have taken elements of the first two games and created a synergistic third. Plus, it links to the other two games to make the MEGACENTURY, which has to be a sight to behold.

Shards of Infinity: Shadows of Salvation

A bit of a cheat as I have this on pre-order. But Ultra Pro keep putting the date back. So goodness knows when I’ll see this – 2020 maybe? Regardless, I’m very excited about this one as it adds a new faction and a new co-operative style where players get to play against a ‘choose your own adventure’ style book, with villains and minions to fight against. There’s even a campaign mechanic where players can improve their starter decks with extra cards as the game progresses. Neat.


I’ve dropped enough hints (ie. I would like that big old games rucksack for Christmas) to everyone that, if they wish to gift me, they should club together and get me this behemoth (Ultimate Games Back Pack). I do a few games nights/days and whereas loading everything into a suitcase does sort of work, it doesn’t have the padding inside to protect the precious things. Plus, it doubles as a regular back pack when I want to be regular (yeah, right).

So, apart from getting some decent-ish Pokemon pulls (Cosmic Eclipse has seen an improvement). That is any idea of what I would quite like.