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Quadropolis: What Gamers Are Saying…

People often point out how similar we at Zatu Games are to the ancient Athenian nobleman Cleisthenes, both for our tendency to exile people and for our profound love of democracy. To exercise the latter, we decided to ask gamers from around the net for their thoughts on some of the latest board games. First up is Quadropolis, the city building game from publisher Days of Wonder.

We’ve split them into the positive and the negative for ease of consumption. Here’s what God’s children really think:

The Positive

GrittyWillis says:

"I really dig it. Is it like the best game in my collection? No, but I love to play it whenever me and the wife just want to play something quick. It's fairly different every time and you COULD play it pretty much focusing on yourself and doing whatever you want. Occasionally you might get screwed accidentally....


"You could be really mean and try to screw over the person on your left and right, and MAKE them get interactive with it."

YourBrain says:

"The last game we played was three-player and lasted a little under an hour, which is perfect for a game to play during a lunch break and will be the main reason I continue to play this game. Looking forward to playing expert mode this weekend."

Kerred says:

"Quadropolis, for those who wanted to be a mayor and didn't want silly things like "massive New Jersey-like debt" be an issue."

"What I like:

Quality feels too good to be only worth $50 MSRP. mmm, labelled inserts.
Accessibility for non-gamers and gamers with a simple 3 page rules, and more complex rules.
Feels like solving a puzzle sometimes. I like puzzles.
That feeling when you max out points on a category. Who cares that there is no place to eat, LOOK AT ALL THESE TREES!!"

Large_father says:

"Production is top notch, which is to be expected from Days of Wonder at this point. Game is easy to teach and fun to play with interesting decisions and a variety of strategies to try."

Poolunion says:

"I enjoy having limitations and working with in those limits. I really like the tile selection and placement rules. It makes for a great puzzle to solve."

Peukon says:

"Quadropolis feels both very innovative and comfortable at the same time. A with all Days of Wonder games it is very well produced. The two different play modes are a great idea."

The Negative

Stylefilter says:

"The production quality on Quadropolis is top notch, save one glaring omission. The tiles are sturdy, the meeples are attractive, the insert is actually useful and well organised, and the instructional material is generally clear and colourful. Unfortunately, the player mats are extremely thin cardstock that folds and rips far too easily."

S_matthew says:

"I've played maybe four two-player games, and it's losing its luster. I find sticking to a strategy difficult when your choices are limited by the luck of the draw + limited tile placement. Maybe that's the point of the game (or maybe I'm not strategic enough), but I feel like that's done better in other games."

Kerred (again) says:

"What I don't like:

Despite a great insert, there's no room for expansions, you can't even fit the promotional wonder tiles well in the box.

Paper player mats. I'd think the tile market should have been the paper one as kids won't get their grimy hands on that as much.

Its not Suburbia. Quadropolis is the SimCity to Suburbia's Cities Skylines. Sure, SimCity is fun, but Cities Skylines just feels right, and fan created content makes it all the more special (variants for Suburbia and the potential for lots of great house rules)."

LukeTDG says:

"Production quality is generally good but slightly let down with flimsy player mats."

A Minor Disagreement

Triboluminous says:

"It’s like Targi but less fun."

Broken Clock says:

"It shares one or two mechanics with Targi, but thankfully it’s not the mediocre humdrum that is Targi. Go ahead and buy and enjoy!"

So there you have it. Great inserts, ALL THESE TREES, and mat flimsiness: a comprehensive overview of Quadropolis. If you want to take Broken Clock’s advice, buy this game from Zatu here!