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How to Play Ticket to Ride

How to Play: Ticket to Ride

Louise Rogers 18/01/2022

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure game, where the aim of the game is to score the highest number of points. Find out how to play today.

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Ticket To Ride Review

Robert Edmonds 05/01/2022

Ticket to Ride looks stunning, plays really well with so much replay ability and is just a great way to spend an evening.

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The Heart of Africa - Ticket to Ride Review

Ticket To Ride: Volume 3 – The Heart of Africa Review

Tom Harrod 05/01/2022

The Heart of Africa is an expansion for the original Ticket to Ride game from Days of Wonder. Alongside new components you'll find stunning African terrain.

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Ticket to Ride Europe Review

Ticket To Ride Europe Review

Chad Wilkinson 19/10/2021

An essential addition to a growing game collection, Ticket to Ride Europe is sure to bring plenty of fun to your game table for years to come.

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Ticket To Ride USA 1910 Expansion Review

Nathan Coombs 25/08/2021

Ticket To Ride USA “Roll up! Roll up! Come and enjoy this whole new experience! Open your minds and be amazed at the sights you’ll see!”

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Quadropolis Review

Andreas 07/07/2021

In the first of a regular review series, we take a look at the Quadropolis board game, the latest from renowned publisher Days of Wonder.

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Top 5 Ticket To Ride Maps

Mitch 30/06/2021

Ticket to Ride is a board gaming classic, along with Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and even Pandemic - these are the games we use to lure new people into our world. Here are the top 5 best Ticket To Ride Maps..

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Top 5 Games to take on a Picnic

Five Games Perfect for Picnics

Dean Maloney 23/04/2021

We explore explore five vibrant, portable and entertaining games that are great for throwing into your picnic basket this summer.

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Ticket to Ride Europe 15th Anniversary

News – Ticket to Ride Europe 15th Anniversary Edition

Ben Herbert 15/02/2021

Ticket To Ride, recently announced the release of Ticket to Ride Europe 15th Anniversary. Zatu is currently accepting pre-orders!

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Ticket To Ride 1912 Expansion Review Cards

Ticket To Ride 1912 Expansion Review

Thom Newton 12/11/2020

The Ticket to Ride 1912 expansion to Ticket to Ride Europe adds some new ways to play and keeps things nice and fresh. I would be adding this into the mix!

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