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Top 5 Family Games This Christmas

Andreas 02/11/2023

Here at Zatu, Christmas isn’t just a holiday; it’s a day of the week. Here are five family games to break out on Christ’s day.

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Quadropolis Review

Andreas 07/07/2021

In the first of a regular review series, we take a look at the Quadropolis board game, the latest from renowned publisher Days of Wonder.

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Board Game Spotlight: Kemet

Andreas 29/11/2016

In another regular board game spotlight, Zatu looks around the new bedsit. No stuff here yet bar old photos, memories, and Kemet.

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Board Game Spotlight: Sentinels of the Multiverse

Andreas 28/11/2016

In another board game spotlight, Zatu reclines on the sofabed, ready-meal on its ever-growing gut, casting a fleshy shadow onto Sentinels of the Multiverse.

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Board Game Spotlight: Ticket to Ride

Andreas 28/11/2016

In another of our regular board game spotlights, Zatu peruses the CD rack for the music that adequately captures the cavernous hole in its soul, but where teen-centric angst-synth should be there’s only Ticket to Ride.

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Board Game Spotlight: Champions of Midgard

Andreas 28/11/2016

In another of our regular board game spotlights, Zatu only has three minutes before the bell rings, three minutes to give a lasting impression, to charm, to woo Champions of Midgard.

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Board Game Spotlight: Runebound

Andreas 27/11/2016

In another of our regular board game spotlights, Zatu comes to in a motel, left eye bruised, wallet gone, hands bound. Bound by something strange. Carved stones. Runes. Runebound.

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Board Game Spotlight: Conan

Andreas 26/11/2016

In another of our regular board game spotlights, Zatu ducks the landlord’s calls and tapes draft excluders round the door so on-one knows they’re in. Money’ll be there by Friday for sure. In the meantime, Conan.

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Dark Moon: What Gamers Are Saying

Andreas 25/11/2016

Once again, Zatu has decided to remove its cotton shirt, giving everyone for miles around a good look at its well-oiled democracy. Why so toned? Exercise. Exercise like asking gamers from the internet what they think of Dark Moon, the 2011 release from Stronghold Games.

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What Gamers Are Saying: Runebound 3rd Edition

Andreas 23/11/2016

Clause 5.8 in the company contract requires all Zatu employees to take the Bouletic Oath. Clause 5.9 bans the use of eyeglasses, a devil’s tool for undoing God’s just punishment. Our noses close to the screen, we’ve flexed a bit of 5.8 by asking gamers from the web what they think of Runebound 3rd edition.

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