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News round-up: Space, love and tiny battles

News Space - Star Wars Outer Rim

These past few days have seen a slew of game announcements and releases that will appeal to fans of all different genres and game types. Read on for more details on upcoming titles spanning far-flung galaxies in space, romantic intrigue and classic fantasy battles.

Take a Fantasy Flight through Space to the Outer Rim

Outer Rim, the newly announced Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight Games, challenges players to become the most famous scoundrel in the galaxy. Coming from the publisher known for its hit Star Wars games, Outer Rim allows players to choose how they’re going to earn their infamy. Starting out with a simple ship, players will assume the identity of iconic Star Wars rogues to hunt bounties, smuggle illegal goods, take down patrols and purchase luxury items.

Han Solo, Jyn Erso and Boba Fett are all playable characters, with a host of other beloved Star Wars personalities appearing throughout the game as you expand your crew and take on dangerous jobs. As you progress through the game, you’ll upgrade your ship, hire new crew members and improve your skills. Fans of Star Wars don’t have long to wait to get their hands on this game; Outer Rim is slated for release in the second quarter of 2019.

Love is in the Air (Again)

Can you feel the love tonight? Prepare to get romantic with a new edition of Love Letter from Z-Man Games. The small-box card game has enjoyed stunning success since its 2012 release, earning countless re-themes and a premium edition, but this marks the first brand-new edition of the game with gorgeous new art and components.

The game will now play up to six players, thanks to the introduction of new cards. Otherwise, it looks like Z-Man hasn’t felt the need to fix what isn’t broken. The title’s classic gameplay appears to be untouched, with its refresh intended to bring it to a new a new audience. Look out for Love Letter’s new edition in summer 2019.

Love Letter New Edition (Credit: Z-Man Games)

Tactical Battles are about to get Tinier

Gamelyn Games has just launched the Kickstarter for the latest title in its popular Tiny Epic range: Tiny Epic Tactics. The game will feature a tactical skirmish in which one to four players control teams of four fantasy heroes: a wizard, a fighter, a rogue and a beast. Each hero will play differently, with further variation between the four available teams.

It looks like Gamelyn Games has packed as much as possible into the new game’s trademark tiny box. A three-dimensional battlefield will unfold from the box itself, upon which players will take part in solo, co-operative or competitive games. The publisher promises that the combat system will be simple, feeding into victory conditions that include area control, capturing enemies and preserving your own heroes.

District 9 set to Hit Tabletops

Weta Workshop, the special effects studio behind films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Avatar, has recently announced its second board game release. District 9: The Board Game will launch on Kickstarter at the end of March and will become the first tabletop adaptation of Neill Blomkamp’s hard-hitting sci-fi blockbuster.

Weta Workshop’s only other tabletop publication is Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters, a 2018 release featuring incredible pre-painted miniatures in an arena combat style game. Whether or not the studio brings the same level of production to District 9, a film they helped bring to life back in 2009, remains to be seen. All we know so far is that two to four players will control rival factions struggling for control of Johannesburg on a changeable battlefield. Look out for the full Kickstarter launch on March 29.

District 9 The Board Game (Credit: Weta Workshop)

Captain Marvel Social Deduction Game

Who can Captain Marvel trust? In the latest Marvel game released by USAopoly, one player will take the role of Captain Marvel and try to determine who is on their side. Three to six other players will attempt to convince them that they are trustworthy and not crafty, shape-shifting Skrulls.

All the players will be involved in working out who’s who, but Captain Marvel is the person that ultimately needs to be convinced of your innocence. This quick social deduction game will be available in the UK very soon, so keep an eye out.

Wizards of the Coast stopping MSRP for Magic

Wizards of the Coast has announced that they’re stopping MSRPs (manufacturer suggested retail prices) for Magic the Gathering products with the release of War of the Sparks. The company has stressed that this change does not mean any major disruption.

Instead, retailers will be completely free to price Magic products at the level that seems right for them. Wizards has said that the change will allow them to communicate more effectively with the wider Magic community.