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Must Have Games This Easter

bunny kingdom
easter pic

We can’t help getting a bit giddy when a new holiday approaches, and if like us, you like to coordinate your gaming with seasonal events, then this coming Easter should be the anticipated occasion you have been waiting for.

Not only is it the first bank holiday since Christmas and the winter blues had set in, but it is beautifully tied in with Spring; so, we’re thinking of lambs, chicks, and eggs... and of course bunnies! Lots and lots of bunnies! If that sounds like you too, then this post is going to be the golden egg in your basket.

In our house, Easter is all about bunny ears, egg hunts and spending time with our family and friends, and we never let the April showers interfere with our plans. So, when it rains, we hit the game shelves and have ourselves an Easter Gaming Party.

Whether you plan to have a big game in, or just need to bring down the sugar frenzy, we have a range of games that you can cater to your player ages and the time you have available. Bunny ears and Easter eggs are optional, but highly recommended!

Bunny Kingdom

First on our list has to be Bunny Kingdom. Like I said, bunnies; lots of bunnies, and not just the illustrated kind. This box is full of bunny miniatures; clans of them with a Lord Bunny at the helm, and warriors underfoot with the goal of leading the clan to glory, all on behalf of the Bunny King.

Bunny Kingdom is essentially a card drafting game, where the players select two cards to play and then pass the deck until all the cards have been played. Playing a card enables you to claim a territory, build, or yield resources to gain points. You can also complete a mission or gain treasure, both of which grant you the prestigious Golden Carrots!

It is a great looking game; the artwork is amazing and the miniatures are surprisingly detailed. It is straightforward to learn, but actually, it is a complex and strategically difficult game to master. It’s excellent with two players, with adapted rules to make the game work better, and the more players that join the game, the tougher it becomes.

Bunny Kingdom is a great game for adults due to the complexity, but also a family game for teens and more gaming experienced small people. It absolutely should be the first “Go to” game for your Easter themed gaming.

Egg Slam

The best thing about Egg Slam is that it is good, old-fashioned fun for young and old. Anyone can play it, and if you are looking for a game that you can engage in with your younger children this Easter, then this is going to be it.

Essentially it is a Snap type game, but don’t let that deter you. If you like fast-paced, silly games like Happy Salmon, this is going to fill your Easter game void perfectly. You have a deck full of rainbow-coloured birds and eggs, and the idea is to call out the colour of the egg that a pair of

coloured birds would make – so mixing primary colour birds to identify their secondary colour eggs. It’s easy to learn and educational for kids, but it is a surprisingly fun party game even for adults, lending itself to being a totally Easter themed drinking game.

P.S. The back story about the designer is very sweet!


This game never needs an excuse to play, and it is in my top 5. And, although it isn’t filled with “Easter-ness”, it is, however, based in a woodland with palpable critters and resources, played over the four seasons, and it just simply fits.

We are already looking for ways in our house to Easter-fy this game; with mini chocolate eggs left by the Easter Bunny (of course) and making our own bunny and chick meeples. That may seem like extra effort, but this is a family favourite; we play with the kids, we play with our friends, and because it’s a 4-player game we even play in teams if we have to.

Everyone wants to play Everdell, and we just can’t wait to get it to the table. The game is kid-friendly and I haven’t played it with an adult yet who didn’t like it. It’s deck building and worker placement at its finest, with the most beautifully illustrated cards complemented by cute meeples and a 3D tree!

Bunny Bunny Moose Moose

Bunny Bunny Moose Moose is fun, easy to play and is a perfect family party game as well as a fantastic icebreaker for adult parties. Looking silly actually gets you points; using your hands to imitate bunny ears and moose antlers to score as many positive value points on the 6 display cards as possible, whilst trying not to match the cards with negative values.

The best thing about this game is that you can make it simpler for younger players by removing some of the more complex cards, and you can make it more difficult by making a longer poem to increase the cards on display to 8.

Aside from the obvious Easter theme with the bunny ears, it definitely follows the trend of games that are essentially great for kids of all ages but also ticks the box for gaming adults who just want to kick back and have some light hearted gaming fun. If it’s Easter laughter you’re looking for, with a bit of chaos thrown in, Bunny Bunny Moose Moose is definitely a must have.


Did I mention eggs? So again, not strictly Easter themed, but there’s a lot of wooden eggs in this game. Also, this is another top 5 game for me, it’s one of those games that are very much like riding a bike; once you have learnt how to do it, you never forget.

We play this a lot as a two player as well as with family and friends, but if you have game-minded children, do not be put off by the age 14+ guide on the box. Because it is deck building, it will have playability for children aged 11+ especially if they play deck-building games, and it is not a heavy game so you can work out the mechanics very quickly.

The goal of this game is to gain resources and use them to bring birds into your habitat. The 170 bird cards are designed on real birds, and playing the card brings them into one of your 4 wildland areas; activating powers, extra actions or fulfilling bonus requirements. Birds gain eggs according to their nests, enhancing the mechanics and gaining points at the end.

So, for an Easter game? Yep, we are definitely swapping out those wooden eggs for crispy shelled chocolate ones, and maybe there’s a bonus for the person who doesn’t eat all their birds’ eggs before the end of the game.

Happy Easter!