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MTG – Dr. Lair’s Secretorium Superdrop Secret Lair Announced!

Secret Lair Drop Header
Secret Lair Drop Header

Magic is an old game. Released in 1995, it's the first ever trading game. It makes sense that there would be more products pushing the collectability of the game. This is where Secret Lairs come in. Inspired by “Limited Edition” drops of other products like skateboards, these boxes of cards feature new artwork to bling up your deck. 2021 so far has been great for Secret Lair drops. Valentine’s Day gave us the Smitten Superdrop, consisting of some great collector sets.

2021 So Far

Faerie, Faerie, Faerie Rad reprinted some of the most powerful Faerie deck cards. Valentine’s Day 2021 featured cherubs being cute. The Kaldheim Showcase had cards from previous sets in the amazing Kaldheim metal design. The Unfathomable Crushing Brutality of Basic Lands took the metal design further to make some truly kvlt basic lands. 10 days later, Wizards announced Black is Magic, supporting Black Girls Code. Black Girls Code is an organization teaching programming to black girls in America. Like all previous charity Secret Lairs, profits from the set went directly to them. It contained some of the best cards in Magic’s history, illustrated by black artists. Now, there are 4 more Secret Lair drops ready to go!

Dr. Lair's Secretorium Superdrop

Our Show Is On Friday, Can You Make It? has brought some of the premiere poster artists from across the music industry to create some great Magic cards. These reprints are heavily inspired by various eras of music, ranging from funky 60s psychedelic to edgy 80s hair metal. If you were looking for these cards normally, they’d set you back around £40, but buying the set will be £30! A Strixhaven-themed Secret Lair, Showcase: Strixhaven prints 5 more cards in the fantastic Mystical Archive design. Showcase: Strixhaven is available in non-foil for £30 or foil for £40.

Secret Lair Drop Friday-Strixhaven
 The Full-Text Lands are the antithesis of full art cards that are all the rage across many TCGs. This interesting take on the most basic of Magic cards print the entire rules text on each card. The full-text lands are available as a set for £30, or a foil set for £40. The Voriacious Reader bundle gives you ten of each land, either foil or non foil. Priced at £240 for non-foil, and £320 for foil.

But, as the most interesting Secret Lair of this drop, the Culture Shocks pack. This 10-card set is of the “shock lands”, originally printed in Ravnica (2005). These cards are functionally dual lands, but only when you pay 2 life on entry. These new arts are set all over the multiverse, and some of the best artists in Magic history illustrated them! The big thing is that these cards would normally cost over £250 for a full set. This Secret Lair gives you 15 of them (duplicates of ally-combo lands) for £120! The featured image is likely to be one of the best cards from the entire drop. Blood Altar is already a great card with the Rakdos colours, and every R/B player wants it. The fantastic Seb McKinnon art set on Innistrad elevates it though, and makes it something special.

Blood Altar Seb McKinnon

All in all, this is a fantastic Secret Lair drop that will likely see play on tables around the world. With a bevy of great reprints and staples, there's no reason to miss out on this drop!