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Games Galore: New Star Realms And Hero Realms Are Coming!

New Star Realms And Hero Realms Are coming
New Star Realms And Hero Realms Are coming

The last few months have been thrilling for all the fans of Wise Wizard games, with plenty of new products and great new projects. Early this year, the new digital version of Hero Realms went live, and now it is finally time for two new board games to make their way into our collections.

Chronologically, the first one will go live on Kickstarter on the 19th of July, and it will be a long-awaited new chapter for the Star Realms series called "Rise of Empire". The new game will include a 12-scenario campaign and three new factions (the Consortium, the Scavengers, and the Kingdom). The campaign mode will be the first one of its kind for this series, and it seems it will be much more elaborate than the ones we saw for Hero Realms.

As if this would not be enough to tickle your interest, Rise of Empire will also be a legacy game. While playing the campaign, the players will in fact be able to permanently alter the cards of the market deck. At the end of the campaign, each player will have their own very unique deck that can be played stand-alone or combined with all previous Star Realms content.

To keep up the excitement, Wise Wizard Games will introduce later in 2022 "Hero Realms: Dungeons". The new game will include both new content and a new 12-encounter dungeon campaign for 1–5 players.

Among the new content, there will be 6 new classes with all the needed skills, ability trees, and treasure cards. I already have my eyes on the necromancer and the alchemist, but I am looking forward to trying all the others (Barbarian, Bard, Druid, and Monk). Furthermore, the story behind the campaign is expected to be much more complex than the two previously released for this game, making this fantasy series deeper.