Dice Forge Rebellion Preview

Dice Forge Rebellion Preview

Dice Forge is a popular dice crafting game where players will roll their dice to gather resources and use these resources to perform heroic deeds and purchase new dice faces. The dice faces can be removed and replaced with new, upgraded and more powerful faces. Players can craft their die how they see fit. It is a unique mechanism not seen in many games and offers a very satisfying experience. However, one of the problems that a lot of people had with the base game (published by Libellud) was variety. There was not a lot of variety in the cards available in the base game.

Dice Forge Rebellion

Along comes Dice Forge Rebellion. An expansion for Dice Forge that offers two different modules that can be added to the game, 30 extra exploit cards, new dice faces, new boards and an expansion to the Sanctuary box (the Sanctuary box was used to hold the replacement dice faces in the base game).

The additional box, called the Titan, will contain five new dice pools. There is also a labyrinth that the heroes can explore to find the Minotaur located at the centre. Bonuses will be given depending on how far the players delve in to the labyrinth. The labyrinth also comes with its own set of cards. The additional exploit cards should add the extra replay-ability/variability that everyone is wanting. It is not known if these cards can be mixed and matched with the base set or if they are used instead, but either way extra cards are good thing for the game.

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Dice Forge is a light, but great game - just check out the review, but as discussed in the final thoughts of that article, the base game needs more cards. The Rebellion Expansion promises to do that and more.

I am very excited about Dice Forge: Rebellion and I'm looking forward to seeing what new gameplay elements and set-ups can be created with the expansion. Dice Forge Rebellion is available to pre-order right now at Zatu Games. The expansion is due to be released towards the end of February.