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Long Shot The Dice Game Review

Long Shot The Dice Game Review

Nick Welford 16/05/2022

Long Shot The Dice Game more than delivers as a betting and racing game. It does everything it needs to and more. Read on here.

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Zatu Games Set

Welcome to Zatu Games

Amber 11/05/2022

Welcome to Zatu Games! Your favourite destination for everything to do with board games. From card games and dice games, to strategy and miniatures - Zatu Games has it covered.

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High Score Cover

High Score Review

Sophie Jones 14/03/2022

High Score is played over seven rounds in which players take in turns to score the highest by rolling a set of dice!

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Orlog Dice Game Review

Luke Pickles 09/03/2022

In the most recent iteration, Valhalla, a mini game called Orlog was introduced. Ubisoft created this two-player dice game, akin to Yahtzee!

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top 5 christmas dice games feature

Top 5 Christmas Dice Games

I have assembled a merry band of bloggers to give out the top of the pops when it comes to Christmas dice games.

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Catan Board Game Review

Catan Board Game Review

Ben Garry 07/12/2021

Catan is often credited with being the forefather of the present-day Euro game. The game has been printed in 39 languages and sold over 27million copies.

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King of Tokyo Header

The King of Tokyo is Back

Nick Welford 10/08/2021

Iello have announced a new King of Tokyo Monster Box combining some hard to get expansions included in the box. Halloween and Power Up expansions are both included as well as some new content!

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Zombie Dice Box

Zombie Dice Review

Ian Peek 30/07/2021

Zombie Dice gives you the opportunity to be a zombie, without needing to get bitten by one! Can you eat all the brains first? Read more here!

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Cubitos Podiums

Top 5 Dice Games

Luke Pickles 14/06/2021

For those of you who want a good dice game to sink your teeth into, here are 5 to get you started. Find out our top picks here.

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Bookworm feature image

Bookworm: The Dice Game Review

Neil Bunker 01/10/2020

Bookworm: The Dice Game is a face paced, semi real-time, word game designed by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach. Read our thoughts here!

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