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Day At The Festival Puzzle Review

Day At The Festival Puzzle Feature

If you know me, you’ll definitely be aware of my jigsaw addiction. And Big Potato Games are moving into a space where games and puzzles are “mashed” together.  So, as you can probably guess, I am very excited by Day At The Festival Puzzle indeed!

Night at the Movies (the first in the series) was a big hit for us, and you can read my review of that here. When I saw Day At The Festival Puzzle was based on 101 bands, it was an instant oh yes! Moment.

Without knowing it, Big Potato had granted my wish for a musical themed version of their puzzame experience!

Puzzling Potatoes!

Like Night At The Movies, Day At The Festival Puzzle is a 1,000 piece jigsaw that includes 101 hidden bands/artists. After solving the puzzle itself, the real brain burn begins.

Gastro Chips!

This jigsaw is high on the quality stakes. The pieces are thick, glossy, and unusually shaped. Eschewing plastic on the outside of the box, as well as inside, is super. If simple changes like this can be done by Big Potato Games, other publishers really have no excuse not to go greener!

Mashed, Boiled, Or Fried?

The colour palette in Day At The Festival Puzzle deserves a special mention. Making direct comparisons when reviewing a series of games or puzzles can be unfair. Each one should stand or fall on its own merits. But I’m here to help you decide whether a particular game (or variant) might be up your street or not. So, for us, the only major difference between Movies and Festival (apart from the subject matter) is the vibrancy of the colours.  

Movies uses a muted, soft meld of shades. But Festival is a bright, technicolour celebration that spreads out across the table. Yellows, oranges, and reds are fire hot, making the final puzzle pop!  

And this makes sense. The artists are different, and it is a big part of what makes jigsaws so enjoyable; having a beautiful, unique piece of art unfolding on your table each time.  

It also makes the solving experience different in each case. The subtle shades in Movies made it feel like a more grown-up experience. It also made seeing some of the details quite tricky, particularly in mood lighting! In comparison, Festival has a party atmosphere; loud and proud it is! 

Perfect Potatoes!

Although we whizzed through the jigsaw, some of the riddles caught us out. The first 75 were straightforward (which may have been the benefit of our Movies experience kicking in more than any sudden increase in brainpower).  

But the remaining 25% had us jiggling our feet in frustrated fun. My mother-in-law joined in and recognised a few headliners. Likewise, I spotted a number of artists that my husband didn’t know.  

Over a series of nights, we caught almost all of the performers and listed them down on the included chart. Luckily for us, the solution is on hand via a QR code printed on the box as well as the chart itself.  

We really loved Day At The Festival Puzzle; the theme was spot on and we loved the bright colours. The mix of jigsaw and riddle is a winning combo for us and we really hope the series continues. If you like jigsaws with an added level of puzzliness, then Day at the Festival Puzzle could definitely be one for you!