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Gold Award

Pete Bartlam

Played games since I was small. Far away now in both size and time. Played almost every type: 4X strategy, wargames, 1st person and RPGs on the PC and mid-level family board games. Retired now from careers in computers and cartography and owned a games shop in between. Love puzzles and quizzes and once upon a time wrote pantomimes for the kids’ school. Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes I did!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Solar 175 De Luxe Review

Pete Bartlam 10/07/2024

If exploring an expanding Solar System and travelling to new worlds floats your space ship, then Solar 175 is for you!

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Games To Play If You Like Ticket To Ride

Pete Bartlam 05/07/2024

A rundown of some games you might like if you enjoy Ticket to Ride, including some 'under the radar' ones you might not have heard of before!

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NEWS: Civilization VII

Pete Bartlam 11/06/2024

Hold the front page! Firaxis have announced the release of the latest version of Sid Mieier’s iconic Civilization game – Civilization VII!

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D-Day on the Table Top

Pete Bartlam 10/06/2024

D-Day has just passed, and with many ways to remember, let’s consider what the boardgame world can offer in the way of honouring this event.

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Achtung Panzer! Review

Pete Bartlam 04/06/2024

War is Hell! Said US Civil War General, William Tecumseh Sherman, rightly so, but with Achtung Panzer! war-gaming can be much more palatable

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Solo - Earth

Top 5 Solo Experiences In Less Known Board Games

Pete Bartlam 22/05/2024

Solo gaming is an important part of evolving as a board gamer. Now, trying out games you may not have heard of, that'd a new step!

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Ecology - Ark Nova

Ecology Board Games – Saving World With Stacks Of Cards

Pete Bartlam 15/05/2024

So, can we save the World with stacks of cards? I don’t know but at least they’re not plastic! Let's look at Ecology board games!

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Sons of Faeriell Review

Pete Bartlam 09/05/2024

Sons of Faeriell is a strategic eurogame for 2 to 4 players, featuring a brilliant potential traitor mechanic and multiple endings!

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pricier games

10 Pricier Games That Are Worth The Money

Pete Bartlam 08/05/2024

You may see the price tag of a game and think... gosh, that's expensive. But sometimes these pricier games are worth the money!

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games - forbidden island

10 Great Games For New Gamers

Pete Bartlam 08/05/2024

Let's get these new gamers into the proper, hardcore games ;) Joking! Let's find out what the best games to gift are.

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