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Pete Bartlam

Played games since I was small. Far away now in both size and time. Played almost every type: 4X strategy, wargames, 1st person and RPGs on the PC and mid-level family board games. Retired now from careers in computers and cartography and owned a games shop in between. Love puzzles and quizzes and once upon a time wrote pantomimes for the kids’ school. Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes I did!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

horus heresy age of darkness

Horus Heresy: Age Of Darkness Review

Pete Bartlam 12/08/2022

An Age of Darkness has descended upon the galaxy. It's time for Pete's review as he has gone through and painted the miniatures...

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Royal Visit

Royal Visit Review

Pete Bartlam 28/07/2022

How will you play? Royal Visit, the game of cards and strategy, where getting the King to his Chateau is all important!

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So, You've Been Eaten

So, You’ve Been Eaten Review

Pete Bartlam 25/07/2022

A game where you can have 0 Players? What! So, You've Been Eaten where you are either the Miner or the Beast. What will you choose?

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Fjords Review

Pete Bartlam 23/06/2022

Cwm fjord bank glyphs vext quiz is a sentence using all 26 letters only once. Cool right? Read this Fjords review, embrace your inner Viking.

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Bounty Hunters review

Bounty Hunters Review

Pete Bartlam 30/05/2022

Bounty Hunters from Trademark52 games is a suit collecting, card drafting game based on catching crooks in the old Wild West.

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Black Seas Master & Commander cover

Black Seas: Master & Commander Review

Pete Bartlam 12/05/2022

Master and Commander is the Warlord Games’ starter set for playing their Black Seas rules for naval battles in the age of sail!

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Century Cover

Century Golem Edition An Endless World Review

Pete Bartlam 29/03/2022

The Century games all work on the basis of trading resources for better resources in order to gain victory point cards.

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Streets Feature

Streets Review

Pete Bartlam 21/02/2022

Tile placement and meeples? "Carcassonne!" I hear you say - but no, there’s a new kid on this urban block. Its name? Streets.

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Top of the Pops Feature

Top of the Pops Review

Pete Bartlam 19/01/2022

I loved Top of the Pops. The kazoos, of course, the clever and elegant timer, and the category cards that are well thought out.

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