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How To Play – Blytz


In Blytz, your ultimate goal is nothing short of world domination. Rally your forces, engage in strategic battles, and claim victory by controlling the nations across the globe. Prepare for an exhilarating journey where cunning tactics and calculated moves reign supreme. Expand your control across continents by assembling powerful armies consisting of air, sea, and land battalions. But that's not all! Deploy your trusted lieutenants to bolster your troops' strength and assign generals to safeguard your hard-earned territories. To turn the tide in your favour, execute daring special-ops missions that will keep your opponents on their toes.

Player Count: 2-5

Age: 12+

Playtime: 45-60 minutes

Fight or Flight…

Blytz is a set collection game where you will try to collect three country cards from three different continents - the first to do so wins.

To set up Blytz, separate the cards into country and barracks cards and place the decks within reach of all players. The country cards will be drawn and fought over throughout the game but each player should start the game and each round with a hand of at least five barracks cards, drawing up as necessary. You should make sure each player has room in front of them to lay cards. It may also help to lay out the map so that everyone can see it, this will help when figuring out who you might attack and who might be a threat. That’s it! Preparing for battle has never been so easy!

Pick Your Battles…

On your turn, you take 4 actions. Choose any combinations of the below actions:

1) Build - You can take the top card from the country deck and place it in front of you in your personal player area. Conquering a country has never been so easy!

2) Meddle - Play a ‘Special Ops’ card from your hand of Barracks cards. There are a number of these cards available and each one states exactly what it does on the card. Some examples are “Snatch and Grab” which allows you to steal a country card from another player. Or “Look out Below” which does a power 10 air strike on a country of your choice. There are also reactionary cards like “Peace and Love” which can be played when you are attacked and stop it in its tracks.

3) Fortify - You can play a card from your Barracks to defend your country cards. There are a few different options. The most simple is a troop card. These simply add soldiers with a set defence and attack number. These are always played face down and will belong to

a certain battalion, land, air or sea and may be able to strengthen based on other cards you play that match that same battalion. You could also lay a trap card which offers a surprise attack when someone comes after your country. One example is “Minefield” which will simply stop the attack and do five damage to the other player. Finally there are Generals. There is one General for each continent and if you play it, all of your country cards that match their continent will gain extra defence and attack stats for extra damage and protection.

4) Attack - Just as it says, you can attack another player's country. This is the most complicated action. There are three key stages. First, check the route in. You must have access via one of your country cards. Each card will list all adjacent countries so choose one and march on. Next, check your forces. There must be troops allocated to your attacking country card. And finally, move in! Pick the country you are attacking and then flip all cards associated with both countries. The attack totals their red figure and the defence, their blue. The highest number wins the battle. If the red wins, the defender trashes their troop cards and the victor takes the country card. If it’s a draw, everyone loses troop cards but no country cards move and if the defender wins, the attacker loses their troops but doesn’t get the country card. Finally, if you as the attacker have troops left you can follow Blytz rule and attack another adjacent country as a free action. This can continue as long as you have troops. At the end of an attack you may draw a barracks card for every country you won that turn.

At the end of a turn, you draw back up to five cards and you may rearrange your troop cards as you like. The moment one player has three sets of cards they win and the game is over. But remember, you don’t have to win every battle to win the war!