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Jonatan Klock

I'm 42 years old Norwegian adopted from Colombia, married to a Colombian girl, and I live in Norway. We have Santiago and Sarah aged 7 and 5. Lately I picked up board games as a hobby. A new world opened up in terms of variability of games both from a mechanical point of view but also themes. PQ-17, that simulates the Murmansk convoys during WW2, to Acquire that teaches business acumen, focus on organic growth vs. growth through M&A. Container, where you need to see market inefficiencies, invest, bid and maintain customer relationships. The beauty of Acquire and Container is that mechanically they are simple enough that I can play them with Santiago, however there are a myriad of cunning strategies to be learned and applied. We play chess from time to time which is elegant in the way it translates your decisions into moves quickly and efficiently.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


How To Play, Teach And Win Pax Renaissance

Jonatan Klock 21/03/2024

Learn how to play, win and teach Pax Renaissance, a strategic board game where players shape the future of Europe!

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How To Play, Teach And Win Black Orchestra

Jonatan Klock 18/03/2024

Immerse yourself in the era of World War II in Black Orchestra; take on the roles of historical figures as you plan to overthrow Hitler.

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How to play Ancient Civilization of the Middle East

How to play Ancient Civilization of the Middle East

Jonatan Klock 15/03/2024

Welcome to the Ancient Civilization of the Middle East, a strategy game engaging players to rewrite history!

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How To Play Acquire

Jonatan Klock 13/03/2024

A detailed how to play for Acquire, a strategic board game that blends elements of finance, investment, and planning!

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How To Play Stratego

Jonatan Klock 13/03/2024

A how to play guide for Stratego; a classic board game of battlefield strategy that combines elements of deception and memory!

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How To Play The King is Dead – Second Edition

Jonatan Klock 04/03/2024

A comprehensive guide on how to play, teach, and master the The King is Dead: Second Edition, a captivating board game of power struggles.

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