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NEWS: Disney Lorcana – Fourth Chapter announced

Disney Lorcana Fourth Chapter

On the 20th of March Ravensburger held their very first Lorecast online event releasing a massive amount of news about the upcoming fourth Disney Lorcana set, the new tournament events (including regional events and prices), new promo cards, new way of playing the game and much much more. The massive livestream was amazing to watch and all the fans of this new TGC game have been on hype since yesterday.

One of the main reason for all Lorcana Players to be excited is that we got the name of the fourth core set that will release in May and, most important, this name holds the key that link all the events and hints we have been disclosing since the release of the game. If you are new to Lorcana you should know that the background story of the game we discovered one set at the time contained a lot of references and hints to a huge storm building up in the magical realm of Lorcana. We knew for sure the storm will likely be a great glimmer released from the Great Illuminary in Chapter two but everyone had their own personal theory about it. Now, we finally know that the storm is a powerful Ursula glimmer that has been scheming and building up her forces since the very first chapter. Now the time is ripe for Ursula to put her plan into motion as she managed to acquire the powerful Triton's Trident in the third chapter of the game.

What is the plan of the Sea Witch and what is the risk for the world of Lorcana? At the moment, the brief video we saw triggered even more questions but I am sure we will learn more as we approach the release date for the set. At the moment, we expect the new set “Ursula's Return” to be centred around Ursula and the characters from the Little Mermaid. The new Ursula card that has been shown during the livestream is quite terrifying including her ability to prevent all characters from playing songs. We also saw the preview of the Triton's Trident and of a new Floodborn Ariel (steel) with the ability to deal three damages to a character every time she sings a song. My personal expectation now is to see in the fourth chapter a titanic fight among Amber-Steel song decks and Purple-Green Anti-song decks.

Among the other characters revealed we saw the Madrigal family as well as the Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey and Yen Sid from Fantasia. These last two characters will support a Magic Broom archetype that is getting support since the First Chapter set and that I think will likely become very interesting to play in this new set. Ravensburger also released a few new other characters, including Super Goof, some new version of previously seen characters including Hans, Anna and Daisy duck and a new version of Mulan with the ability to deal damage to three characters at once. This last card seems quite intriguing and a very good addition to aggro-red decks we saw growing steadily in the last two chapters of the game.

Ursula's Return set will also see the release of the first of a new type of product: the “Illumineer's Quest” . This type of product will take the place of the Gift set and it will feature a new cooperative game where two players will use a pre-constructed deck to take down a Jumbo size Boss card and its own Boss deck. The first of these product will release together with set four and it will be called “Deep Trouble” as Illumineers will need to track down and destroy the malevolent glimmer Ursula in her lair at the edge of Lorcana. The best part? The Illumineer's Quest will include a sealed envelope that only the winner may open. We are not sure at this stage what would be the prizes for beating the boss of this cooperative game but Ravensburger press release hinted that it will pertain to Lorcana’s ongoing narrative. I would love to see more of the Illumineer's Quest but it seems it will be a great way to introduce new players to the game through a cooperative game and it has the potential to create a sort of story driven adventure game that would really be a nice addition to a TGC game.

As you may imagine, there is a lot to be excited for thus let's all start our countdown to the 17th of May when the set releases in local games stores or to the 31st of May when you will be able to obtain it from Zatu. I know there is still a lot of time but I will surely count the days...