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What’s on Game Pass? June 2022

Game Pass

The past month has seen a windfall of titles arrive on Game Pass. Over the weeks, the list has swelled to overwhelming proportions. There are too many to share with you here and I know I’ve missed some big games, but these are the ones I enjoyed the most. If you want to find out what ‘massive titles’ I’ve skipped over, you’ll have to head over to Game Pass and treat yourself to a subscription.

Umurangi Generation Special Edition

I’ve put Umurangi Generation at the top of this esteemed list because it was the game that surprised me the most. I suppose the name alone was what lured me; it sounded cool enough to warrant a whirl.

In Umurangi Generation you play as a photographer. You're tasked with photographing objectives in a retro-future where aliens have finally decided to invade.

The setting is Tauranga, Aotearoa (Maori name for New Zealand). Here, the populace continues to party and complain about the trivialities of life, and some people even go to work.

There’s graffiti galore, UN peacekeepers standing around keeping the peace, and an incredible Technotronic soundtrack, which roots the setting in a foundation and sort of gives the future culture.

This wonderful game is an ideal complement to something longer and more intensive. It provides you with a little downtime between grinds.

Bugsnax is about a reporter who is invited to Snaktooth Island by a renowned explorer. Turns out, you’re not doing too well with the old reporting and this might be your last shot.

This is a whimsical game that’s full of life and provides much joy. The explorer you’ve come to investigate is missing, her camp is a mess and her followers have been scattered across the island.

Collect Bugsnax as if they were Pokemon, find out more about what they are, why they taste so good and undertake an intriguing adventure to figure out what has happened to your meant-to-be host.

Trek to Yomi

Inspired by Japanese cinema – think Zatoichi – Trek to Yumi is undoubtedly an aesthetic achievement. I was awed by the camera orientation and the delicately sparse art style; the artistic aspects of the game synchronise sumptuously but they hide a truth.

The gameplay is lightweight despite the claims made by its artistic luxury. I was so impressed by how the game looked that I unrealistically expected the gameplay to be equally original.

The story is a stereotypical 'hunt the people who destroyed your home' narrative, which disappoints the artistic endeavours.

Poise yourself for some overused deliberate combat, where you’ll get to parry and do all of those other things you do in Dark Souls. There’s some versatility in the placement of a strike, à la Nioh, but there’s not much else beyond that. I think you’ll be rewarded for approaching Trek to Yomi with no expectation.

That’s all for this month, I’ll be back at the beginning of July for another look at what’s new.