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What’s on Game Pass? January 2022

game pass november feature

A month passes and so too does another year. For a lot of people, January is the longest month on the calendar. The cash reserves have taken a pasting, and the credit card pleads to be left alone. Have you spent all your Christmas dough on things you didn’t really need? Have you already ploughed through those new games you bought? Pass this month frugally with a Game Pass subscription. Pretend the outside world doesn’t exist, close the curtains and hunker down with whatever games take your fancy. Here’s the latest additions to the Game Pass library.


Though a little long in the tooth — released in 2016 — this is a game you need to play. For all intents and purposes, it’s one of those walking sims; that said, there’s a wonderful adventure to be had. The game’s mature themes really give the narrative some oomph, and the characters flourish in an impeccably realised Wyoming locale.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat is still luring players to what is one of the biggest gaming franchises ever. Gore and violence are guaranteed, and so too are the ever-present, forever famous, fatalities. There’s more to this arcade fighter though: The franchise continues to be so successful due to the depth and originality of its characters and their stories.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

The motion scanner makes way for an arsenal of weapons. In this team-oriented action shooter, you’ll mercilessly mow down armies of Xenomorphs as if they were mere vermin. It’s fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is a great game when played with friends. The game shines when the comms are utilised properly.

Halo Infinite (Campaign)

Games that have this much hype usually let everyone down. Halo has long been vaunted as a multiplayer but that does a disservice to its exceptional single-player campaign. Halo Infinite promised an excellent story and delivers just that. It has a modernised approach to level design by incorporating a semi-open world that allows players to explore at their own pace, interspersed with linear moments for narrative-driven parts.

It’s of course a reimagining of the old titles and I couldn’t help but notice how similar it felt to my experiences as a child. The gunplay alone feels nostalgic without being as simplistic as the older titles now seem. There’s certainly more to think about during combat, especially during multiplayer, but the fun that was always inherent in Halo titles remains. I implore anyone who may be tired of their go-to shooters to give Halo Infinite a try on Game Pass.


Lake is set in small-town Oregon. You exchange your career at a software company to fill in for your dad as a mail carrier in your hometown. Because you choose who you want to talk to, the interactions with the population feel memorable. The game has beautiful visuals and quality voice acting, which makes the experience even more calming.

I’ll be back in February for another Game Pass examination. Happy New Year!