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What’s on Game Pass? December 2021

game pass november feature

Game Pass never ceases to impress me. When it seems there’s nothing else to play or when there’s nothing cheap enough in the sales, Game Pass usually turns up.

The Game Pass overlords have been overzealous in their generosity this month, bordering on sycophantic. Maybe the 20th Anniversary has something to do with it… I don’t know.

I was made aware of the special occasion by another delivery, one in the form of a Porsche 918 Spyder sporting a 20th Anniversary livery. I’m not going to complain. This — for me at least — has been the month that keeps on giving.


Backbone is a noir thriller set in a dystopian Vancouver where a variety of animals eke out a living under their gorilla oppressors. You play a cool racoon PI, thrust into a disturbing world of corruption, after taking what was meant to be a ‘simple case.’

The artwork is delectable and the music compliments the theme well. There’s a lot of interesting ideas that frequently get you thinking; I found it all to be quite inspiring. If you’re a point and click enthusiast, a noir lover or someone looking for a little refreshment, I’m sure you’ll get something from Backbone.

Forza Horizon 5

It’s Forza Horizon 4 wearing new clothes. Is that a bad thing? Of course, it’s not. I’m currently driving a Bugatti Divo — a car that according to Bugatti's own website is a one-off.

Mexico provides a more expansive driving experience than the UK did. Bigger here, is definitely better. The scenery’s everywhere, and the horizon begs to be looked at. 

It’s highly addictive and fun to play with friends or solo. It’s the one game that will always be installed on my Xbox (until the next iteration). Forza Horizon 5 is the definitive pick up and play.

It Takes Two — Digital Version

Story and Gameplay is Hazelight’s mantra. They are an award-winning studio whose games focus on cooperative play. Their journey began with Brothers, before changing tack to a mature story about two inmates in A Way Out. They appear to have mastered the formula with It Takes Two.

Wildly popular with children and their parents, it’s also become a go-to game for people wanting to play on the couch together. It just shows, there’s a market for good ol’ split screen.

Game of the Month — The Forgotten City

I’ll be reviewing this title in December so I don’t want to give away too much. The Forgotten City was a breath of fresh air; a lemonade on a warm day; it was fresh-cut grass in the summer; it blew the cobwebs out of my mind. If horses were games this would be a thoroughbred.

There have been many other new additions to Game Pass this past month that I haven’t listed here. These are my picks, the best of the bunch, the punnet of strawberries with the best date. Head over to Game Pass and check out the rest.