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What’s On Game Pass? August 2022

Game Pass

Though the weather has been fickle, the latest games added to the Game Pass library are certainly not. It’s an intriguing selection of games and will surely include something that takes your fancy. Remember to check the Recently Added section for a comprehensive list of new titles on Game Pass.

Solasta: Crown Of The Magister

This is the kind of game I wish I had more time to play. Many years ago, when I was at secondary school, I would have played this over an entire summer. Solasta is a turn-based RPG that uses the D+D ruleset. You make the choices for your characters and the roll decides the fate of your beloved band of heroes.

This is supposedly the most faithful adaptation of tabletop D+D. There’s a single player mode or you can play in a party with your friends, so if you’re without a Dungeon Master or a home to gather at, perhaps this could fill the gap.

Road 96

The fictional nation of Petria is run under a dictatorship. The game takes place against the backdrop of an election that could potentially transform the country. You will take control of various characters on a journey to the norther border via, you guessed it, Road 96.

A pleasing soundtrack overlays an environment reminiscent of America. Each character is well-written and the dialogue was sufficient to set the tone of the world. The story is what interested me most and the scenarios for each character set the pace and speed you towards the border.

Escape Academy

The title reveals all. I played this game with a friend and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The story is cheesy but the content is what you’d play this game for. The game is set at the Escape Academy, a school where you train to become the very best at escaping rooms.

There are over a dozen rooms to escape from and each of them have been designed by experts in the field. The setting, art direction and soundtrack combine to create a solid game that culminates in a balanced, inoffensive experience.

As Dusk Falls

For those of you who are fans of narrative games where decisions matter, As Dusk Falls is sure to scratch an itch. It’s an interactive drama that aims to keep the player guessing through a complex narrative where situations change fast. The story explores the interconnected lives of two families across thirty years, beginning with a robbery gone wrong…

The art style is gorgeous to look at and the dialogue is easy to follow – if a little simplistic. It’s a great game to relax into as you’ll mostly be watching, listening and choosing from a series of options. If you enjoyed Until Dawn and Detroit, you’ll surely find something of value in As Dusk Falls.

What Have I Been Playing

I was craving a journey to the skies, so I installed the humungous Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s always interesting to see the new updates and explore the newly polished locations.

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