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Welcome Back To Merchants Cove

Merchants Cove Master Craft
Merchants Cove Master Craft

Final Frontier Games has recently made my day by announcing a new expansion for Merchants Cove. Since its release two years ago, we have already seen a few small expansions to increase the number of merchants available in the game. This time the new expansion “Master Craft” will be a big-box expansion with a LOT of new content.

Basing on what we know at the moment, Merchants Cove: Master Craft will include at least four new merchants:

  • ·Amanita Moghed, the Mushroom Farmer, will use insect to move, growth and manipulate shrooms and spores in her Mushroom Garden.
  • Hemlock Trolmes, Trobit detective extraordinaire will combine clear-plastic clue cards to reconstruct crimes committed in the cove.
  • Jacques “Finn” Greentail, brother of one of the Merchants from the core game, will push its luck to fish out any treasure that lies in the seas around the cove.
  • Ava Shortcake, Pastry Chef extraordinaire, will use the wheels of her machine-operated mixer to prepare and bake the best cakes of the five realms.

All the new merchants look very distinct and they will push the players to master different skills to achieve the victory. The turning wheels on Ava Shortcake's board and Hemlock's clear plastic clues in particular look quite interesting.

Together with the new merchants, Master Craft will include a new faction (Paladins) and new content for Rogues, Townsfolk and Wizards (new). The game board itself will also grow with the addition of a new modular piece to house the new Factions.

We should also expect some juicy add-ons for the Kickstarter campaign and I personally hope one of them will be a Big Box version to store all available content for this game. Considering how much content there will be for this game, I will probably also need a bigger gaming table....