VIDEO: My Little Scythe Unboxing

My Little Scythe Video Unboxing

My Little Scythe is the family-friendly version of the top-selling board game, Scythe. The game was originally a print-and-play title, created by father-daughter duo; Hoby and Vienna Chou. My Little Scythe was created because Vienna struggled to teach the original game to her friends, due to the many working parts of the game.

Together, they set out to create a streamlined version of the game. They would bring the Scythe series into the My Little Pony universe, making it more accessible for younger, casual and family gamers. My Little Scythe would win the 2017 BoardGameGeek Award for best print-and-play game.

All of the hype caught the attention of Scythe creator Jamey Stegmaier, who helped make the game a reality.

My Little Scythe Unboxing

The components within the game are of a fantastic quality. The box comes with an insert to help keep everything in place, alongside two specially shaped plastic trays to store everything and a tray to hold the miniatures.

In this unboxing video, Nick from Board, Deck & Dice gives you a closer look at what's inside the box. This includes everything from the detailed, adorable miniatures, to the achievement sheets and player sheets. Everything is bright, colourful, and aimed at the family audience. The game has a single-sided, hex-shaped board, as well as various punchboard tokens and battle wheels.

Take a look inside the My Little Scythe box:

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My Little Scythe is available right now at Zatu Games! If you're still unsure whether this game is the one for you, have a read of our written review to learn more about the gameplay.

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