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Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher Announcement

ticket to ride track switcher feature

If multiple expansion packs, compact versions, digital apps, print and plays, and the inclusion of boats wasn’t enough Ticket to Ride action for you, Days of Wonder now have the solution.

Introducing Track Switcher! The first in a new series of single-player, brain teaser puzzle games from the massively popular train game series by Alan D Moon!

Welcome to 1900, the Age of the Locomotive!

In this version, you play a Railway Yard Manager. Your task is to get the trains on your game board where they need to be using just your logic, spatial, reasoning, and sequencing skills. With 40 puzzle route cards of increasing complexity to work through, you will have plenty of opportunities to test your train mettle!

Your goal is to get the trains relocated in as few moves as possible. You will be coupling and uncoupling and moving and stopping, as you try to get those locomotives home. Just beware that broken tracks can call a halt to even the best-laid plans! Time is also of the essence. So if the locomotives don’t leave on time, there will be penalties!

Will you be awarded Yard Master status, or will you be running around like a crazy Signalman? Who knows but it looks like it is going to be fun finding out!

The general upturn in solo playing is, without doubt, a reaction to the Pandemic and restrictions limiting social interactions. Indeed, single-player variants and the marking “1-x players“ on game box sides has never been more in demand.

All Aboard!

Whether Days of Wonder conceptualised their single version of Ticket to Ride a long time ago, or whether it was in direct response to the increasing popularity of solo play, we probably won’t know.

Whatever the publisher’s motivation, as a solo gamer and puzzle fan myself, I am excited to see this development. Not only that, but it is interesting to see a variant that stands apart from the familiar euro-style gameplay of the tried and tested Ticket to Ride franchise.