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Tau Empire Combat Patrol Review

Tau Empire
All image rights go to Games Workshop

Who Are The T’au?

Communists in space! Imagine a several technologically advanced races working together for the greater good, living in a utopian star system in perfect harmony. Well, that was the T’au Empire. They united different species without war or conflict, choosing instead diplomacy and peace. Everything was going great in their little bubble... then they met the Imperium.

Although a peaceful empire, the T’au still had weapons and so a bloody crusade took place, which ended in a stalemate thanks to the Tyranids showing up. Through the T’au Empire’s short history (according to Imperium records). There have been a few times when they have teamed up briefly with various Imperium forces to fight bigger foes. But these uneasy alliances never last beyond the end of battle.

Which just shows how stubborn and stuck in their ways the Imperium is. The T’au Empire have lasers and giant robots with even bigger swords, why wouldn’t you side with them?!

What’s In The Box?

An Ethereal guides this patrol into combat. Ten Fire Warriors (which can be built as either a Strike or Breacher team) are assisted by two drones and a support turret. Three Stealth Battlesuits assisted by a drone and homing beacon complete the group of soldiers accompanied by a Cadre Fireblade. The well-balanced squad is also assisted by a massive robot known as a XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit, which has two drones to call it’s own.

As you can probably tell, drones and support tech play a pivotal roll for the T’au Empire as well as those large robots. This is another quality set for your fledgling T’au army, it’s well-balance and allows you to paint and play with enough units to give you a great feel for them. Nothing is wasted and the whole set is killer, no filler.

Are They Difficult To Paint?

On the whole T’au aren’t that difficult to paint, but achieving smooth and solid white armour will take a few coats. Painting the recesses and highlights of each unit is easier than Space Marines as, for the most part, they’re flat, straight lines. The large robots, much like the tanks found in the Imperium, are a joy to paint and a great chance to practice those highlight techniques ready for the smaller models. The difference between painting a tank and a giant robot is merely aesthetic because the mech look infinitely cooler. Faces of the T’au are easier than human faces as they’re blue and... well, fictional, meaning you don’t have to worry about realistic skin tones or features.